Here’s How You Can Develop Your Inner Power and Strength

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Willpower is the readiness of mind to take firm decisions and the subsequent necessary actions to follow through these decisions.

Will power can be increased in different ways. What’s common in all of them is they require activation of inner energy and strength.

How to develop inner strength?

First, understand what it signifies.

Inner strength is the ability to face problems courageously, not breaking down in the face of adversity. It is the strength that lies within us and can be increased with steadfastness and determination.

Inner strength brings peace of mind, builds patience, develops courage, strengthens determination, increases the level of tolerance, helps you overcome laziness. In short, it changes you completely. External factors may influence you but can never be as effective as your inner strength.

Understand that inner power doesn’t make you a superman; problems in your life will not magically disappear, you’ll continue to face obstacles but have the confidence to overcome them.

If you know how to harness inner strength, you can achieve anything you want. Continue reading if you don’t, but want to.

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It is a proven fact that meditation increases life energy that stays dormant within. It also emancipates the mind from unwanted memories, experiences and thoughts. Meditation and Yoga can be best practiced to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain and find inner peace and calmness.

Forget and forgive

I agree that it’s not always easy, but trust me the benefits of forgetting and forgiving are immense. It will help you reduce anger, bitterness, resentment, depression, and other negative emotions that not just enslave your mind and robs happiness off of your life, but wrecks your health too. The reason artists are healthier than average people is they usher themselves in positive emotions channeled by their creativity.

Face challenges

Yes, you heard it right. You need to face challenges. Face every single challenge in your life with confidence. People lack confidence because of the fear of failure. The fear keeps them from facing challenges.

It’s an irrational fear. In a previous article, I explained why failure inevitably leads to success; the only caveat is one must have the perseverance to stick to his goals. Face challenge with this kind of deterministic mindset and see the changes it brings into your life.

Celebrate success with moderation

Every success, every achievement – no matter how small – calls for celebration. While celebrating success is okay, don’t get too carried away. Learn to accept both success and failure, it’s an important life lesson and a basic part of your life journey. Those who learn this lesson remain unperturbed by stellar success, as well as by abject failure. If you can achieve this mindset, it will make you stronger and add meaning to your life.

Set priorities

Setting priorities allows you to identify the most important task at a moment and then give it all the attention it needs, spend the requisite amount of time and energy to accomplish it.

Irrespective of what you are doing and how hard it is to perform, if you put all your time and effort into it, the odds of success will greatly escalate.


Dedication can be defined as the ability to be fully committed to a task or a purpose. Dedication increases inner strength. Commitment to perform a seemingly impossible task changes your subconscious belief system. You start to believe in yourself and your inner self becomes more powerful.

Analyze yourself

And your vision and motivation. When you have a correct estimation of your inner strength, there’s no power than can hold you back. It’s only possible when you evaluate your own thoughts and behavior.

All the go-getters reading this article, here’s the checklist to grow the power that’s inside of you:

  1. Self-discipline – self-discipline gives you the power to stick to your decisions and follow through them without changing your mind.
  1. Willpower – willpower can be defined as the motivation to bring about optimism in life. A person with strong willpower is always confident. Even if he takes wrong decisions, he’d own up to it and face the outcome without regretting or complaining.
  1. Persistence – persistence helps you overcome failures. All strong people are persistent. Weak people give up too early.
  1. Ability to control emotions – always think before you act and react. Never take any decision driven by emotions. If this advice is hard for you to follow, do the things listed below lest caving in to your emotional impulses:
  • Shift your attentional focus
  • Change your response
  • Try getting a grip over yourself

If stress makes you vulnerable to emotions, especially negative emotions like anger, greed and jealousy, take the steps below:

  • Practice healthy sleep habits
  • Walk few kilometers everyday
  • Whatever you do, maintain a regular schedule

Keep in mind

Inner power is something we all have but very few of us can actually utilize. You need to realize how important it is. Start believing in your inner power, follow the tips shared here and see the differences it brings about.



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