Healthy Weight Loss: Foods that burn Fat


36” – 24” – 36”: These sizes have always been a fascination and a desire for every woman. We try and manage every possible way to obtain it or get somewhere near the values. For some people, attaining this body figure is just a desire to flaunt their beautiful dresses. They try to curb every fat intake, starve and go on crash diet for weeks to attain a lean and slim figure, often ending up with health complications and later craving for the same lump in older ages.

But for other people maintaining a perfect figure is something more than just a way to flaunt their dresses. It is their way of living and they do it in a healthy way. As a result, they not only get a slimmed body, they also get a lean-toned healthy body with zero medical complications. They don’t starve their body and cut off the fat intake completely. So, how do they do it? Well, they just do it in a healthy way. Someone has rightly said, what goes in, shows out. This means your overall appearance is dependent upon the food you eat every day. Just as we require food for survival, we also need food for healthy weight loss. I’ve listed few food items below that accelerates weights loss and burns fat but in a healthy way.


  1. Almonds: I’ve chosen almonds regardless of the fact that all nuts helps in weight loss. This is because almonds are packed with protein, fiber and heart healthy fats that not only aids weight loss but keeps your body fit too. One serving of almonds (almost 25 almonds) is enough to keep you full for long period of time. And the best part of it is its portability. Since you can carry them anywhere with ease, incorporating them in your daily diet won’t really be a problem.
  1. Coffee: The widely appreciated, world’s most loved beverage is in the list too. The presence of caffeine in coffee is actually the main reason why your metabolism rate increases after its consumption. But take caution that the consumption should be limited to not more than 3 cups per day. And should be consumed without extra additions like sugar and cream.
  1. Vegetables: If you’re really on the weight loss track, its time you incorporate some real vegetables. Veggies are packed with nutritious proteins, vitamins and fibers that not only aids weight loss but keep you healthy at the same time. Incorporate at least 2-3 cups of vegetables in your diet every day.
  1. Fruits: When it comes to losing that bulge off your waist, fruits surely are your best mates. They offer numerous benefits while nurturing your taste buds at the same time. They’re sweet but do not harm your body like the processed sugars. Fruits like Grapefruit are rich in Vitamin C while Apples are rich in fiber.
  1. Green Tea: If Tea boosts your mechanism, Green Tea does even better. It not only boosts your mechanism but also acts as stress reliever and anti-oxidant. It is always recommended to drink the tea hot for the increased benefits.

Try the above food and you’ll be on the healthier side with each passing day. And of course these are no magic tricks that will work overnight. It might take days, months or even years to shed down that extra lump, but believe me, you’ll face no complication in future. So what do you choose: Instant solution or Lifelong health?