Guide to Cladding Spraying and Corrugated Metals


Metal surfaces are highly prone to damage including rusting, cracking and other problems. Take a look around and you will find many houses having corrugated metal roofs. Apart from this, many storerooms and warehouses are also made of metal to protect from insect and pest infestation. Use of metal structures is commonly seen in other kinds of commercial establishments too. It is true that such structures are strong and tough, but they need thorough maintenance and take care to retain their luster and good appearance. And one of the best ways of ensuring this is to have the surface of the metal painted.

Spray painting – best way of painting corrugated and cladding surfaces

If your commercial structure has cladding surfaces or a corrugated texture, spray painting is the best way of keeping it in good shape. Usually such surfaces have crannies, nooks, corners and gaps where normal paint brushes fail to reach. And it is from these unreached gaps that problems start appearing. With cladding spraying, it is possible to reach to the finest corners and give the whole metal surface a uniform, even and nice finish. Infact you will find that this kind of painting helps in giving a very fine finish to the product. The professional look in the commercial establishment can also be obtained with this kind of painting.


Preparing the surfaces for painting

Before you start painting, it is important to prepare the surface so that the coloring brings in desired results. For that, invest in a good primer as it will help in developing a strong base for the paint. If required apply two coats of primer for better results. For metal cladding, using water based coating is recommended as it helps in protecting against oxidization and helps in restricting weathering in the best possible manner. Such primers can be used on surfaces like blasted steel, zinc, bare steel, aluminum and galvanized steel. Let the primer dry completely before applying any kind of paint on the corrugated or cladding surface. Infact these primers dry up quickly and you can start painting within an hour of primer application.

Using the right kinds of paints on the metal surfaces

You might not know but using improper paints on metals might lead to development of bubbles, cracks, flakes and even peeling making the surface look really ugly. Therefore you must ensure that for on-site spraying, you should choose paints that are of high quality and that should gel well with the primer that is applied. Only when the primer and the color gel with one another, the final finish is excellent. Moreover spray painting helps in enhancing the longevity of the cladding by protecting it against damages from natural forces. And since spray painting helps in reaching to the remotest areas of the cladding and corrugated surfaces, every small area is protected.


Choosing right company for spray painting on metallic surfaces

Many people try and carry out the work of spray painting on corrugated and cladding surfaces all by themselves. But if you are looking for a professional and uniform finish for the job, it is always recommended to get that done from a professional company offering such services. ARS UK Ltd is a renowned company in Essex area offering high quality cladding and corrugated metal spray painting jobs for people in and around the area at the most reasonable rates.