Go DESI to CHIC with Evening Gowns for Diwali [Infographic]


The time of the year is here when Indians streets are filled with hustle- bustle of the major Hindu festival—Diwali. Diwali brings in a room for shopping lists and planning out an outfit that sincerely makes other go struck.

Indian designer gowns, evening gowns and Anarkali suits have sprinkled their good pointers and apparently they are quite a hit. Not only festivals, Indian bridal gowns have accommodated their place and of course, you are finding brides opting for designer evening gowns in at least one of their wedding ceremonies.

Yes, it is the fetish most Fashionist as are obsessed with. But how it all happened? Is it fashion or the conventional ethnic staples are in question? Well, we can say it is fashion and currently evening gowns are on the hit list. So we tell you why the love has got intense among women for this particular style with the below Infographic.​