Get Productivity Increased With Advanced Material Handling Equipment


The construction & Building industry has many to go through many processes, which may commence from moving of heavy goods & equipments from moving light weight materials. For all such activities to take place your industry needs well developed equipments. Materials handling can be anything from storage of tools & minor machineries to big heavy duty equipments.


Let us understand the different methods of Material Handling Equipments:

Advanced Storage and Handling Equipment – These equipments actually help your construction sites to work smoothly. They are totally not automated! These storage & handling equipments are basically useful when transporting of other material has to be done! The equipments that come under Storage equipments are as follows:

  • Pallets & Shelves
  • Racks- Push back racks, Drive in racks & Sliding Racks,
  • Frames (Stacking Frames)
  • Mezzanines & Work Platforms
  • Bins & Drawers

Engineered Systems & Equipments – These equipments actually take care of most of the crucial things on the construction site. These systems & equipments are all the way automated. They are not manual like Storage & Handling Equipment tools! These systems actually help the workers & the laborers to move with the help of fully automated functions to quickly locate storage from one place to other.


The Engineered Systems & Equipments that are included are as follows:

  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
  • Robots & Drones for delivery of materials
  • Conveyor Belts systems

Industrial Systems & Trucks – These Industrial Systems & trucks basically include devices that are capable of being operated manually and easily like:

  • Small Hand Trucks
  • Pallet-jacks, Pallet Trucks & Forklifts
  • Platform Trucks
  • Order Picker & Side Loaders
  • Walkie stackers


These industrial trucks can be operated manually & can be powered too. These trucks are mostly useful when materials from the ground level are to be carried or lifted. These help out while loading & unloading things which are really very safe and provide security to all workers & laborers. These devices & equipments actually help get things done efficiently & effectively. Most of the equipments & machineries are very well improved so that it provides best efficiency, effectiveness and speed.

To achieve the best productivity in your construction business in Singapore all you need is better equipments & machineries to go about! Take down these tips to have the best material handling equipments.