Get Amazed to Know how much an Indian Wedding Spends on only Clothes [Infographic]


When they call it for a wedding, yes the excitement is to the mountains, but parents in India face more of a mental pressure than more of joy for their children. After all, it is an extravagant affair for parents and investment is huge.

You may call it a business of match making but this is how it is. Spend and get the result of your value in the society. In this shopping, clothing industry benefits high. From relatives to the bride and grooms, clothing call for a big splurge.

Looking like a diva of high spirit comes live with some expensive outfits that are especially tailored for the bride. A bridegroom at the same time represents a King with those majestic outfits. All in all, it is about luxury at par.

Today, even after the fast growth of e-commerce sector in the country, people are still backing the conventional laid back trusted shops. The vast market in online shopping that offers huge discounts, excluding their showroom expenses, is a good deal to crack, but even after this lucrative deal, people like the other way out.

What is the mindset that Indian market is still calling out with this string? Read this infographic to know the trends in wedding shopping and how e-commerce sector is affected.

Get amazed to know how much an Indian wedding spends on only clothes

The article and infographic is posted by Like A Diva.