Four Effective Ways to Keep our White Kitchen Appliances Clean


It has been found that white is one of the common colors for the kitchen appliances. This is because; white goes with everything and when it gets cleaned it looks even nicer. However, this color is also more prone to dirt and stains and the appliances that are white in color show stains very easily. But as in a kitchen we cook food, it should always be kept clean and dirt-free. In such a case, we should be extra careful about removing the dirt from our kitchen so that our appliances should always remain clean and keep on sparkling.

Now if we have planned to keep white appliances in our kitchen and are quite nervous about how to keep them clean, we should follow the instructions given below:


•             We could dust our white appliances on a regular basis using micro fiber dusting cloth. This is an environment friendly revolutionary cloth which cleans effectively. These cloths can trap stain easily and doesn’t give a chance to get the dust smeared over the appliance’s surface. It also reduces the water usage making the surface bacteria free.

•             Baking soda being a mild alkali can tackle our kitchen dirt smartly. This is also a whitening agent. For creating a cleaning solution, we need to add 1/4 cup of baking soda to one gallon of water. It will also deodorize the area. While cleaning, we should unplug all the kitchen equipments. This is because; cleaning an electronic device using water while keeping it plugged could anytime cause fatal accident. We should first dip a piece of sponge or cloth into the cleaning solution we made using water and baking soda and then scrub it over the surface of the appliance. We should and got to rinse it for at least 10-15 minutes to get the result we are looking for.

•             Vinegar can also be a handy kitchen cleaner to clean white appliances. Being a mild acid it can remove stain and dirt from the surface of appliances. We should always add equal amount of white vinegar and water to use it as cleaner.

•             Ammonia is also used as whitening agent. For making a solution, we should add one table spoon of ammonia and one table spoon liquid detergent in 2 cups of water and can use this solution to clean our appliances.


After going through the above mentioned ways, if someone feels that following these procedures at a regular interval will be quite difficult, they could definitely go for appliances having darker shades. Usually bright colors give a kitchen dazzling look and do not show stain easily. So, before buying any appliances always try to decide which color of them would suit your kitchen the best.