Fire Prevention and Awareness: Fire Safety beyond ‘Stop, Drop and Roll’


Mostly Children are likely to experience home fire adversity. Home fires are in the 5th leading accidental cause of damage and death in America. It also takes first place as the cause of death among children below 15 years at home. And, around 80 percent of all these fire death happen when people are asleep in their homes, or barracks, dormitories, or hotels. Many fatal fires happen when people are not aware of the danger and especially during night hours.

To prevent such accidents, you should always install a smoke alarm in your house. If you do not replace your old smoke alarm once in a while, then you should be alarmed because fire accidents can happen at any time if you are inattentive in taking care of it. The recent survey shows that, 13 percent of American residents have never changed or replaced their smoke alarms, and around 119 million residents all over the country do not have proper smoke alarms in their home, and most of them does not meet the standards of NEPA (National Fire Protection Association) recommended sets.


October month is considered as a fire prevention month, where the fire prevention activities take place the entire month. This kind of activity can protect you and your family and home from fire damages. Here you can find some simple tips to prevent fire and keep your home safe.

Install Smoke Alarms in your Home-

Installing Smoke Alarm is the initial step to prevent fire damages, but, you must also take proper care like replacing the fire alarms after their expiration date, changing the batteries regularly and etc. Fire Extinguisher Maintenance well maintained fire alarms can work at least for 10 years. But, do not use them after its expiration date, if it exceeds the time limit or if you forgot when is the last time you replaced it, then don’t wait longer, replace them with new ones immediately.

Installing one smoke alarm is not enough to protect the home and your family from fire disaster. The NFPA suggests that you should place smoke alarms in every room and in every floor, and at corridor and outside relaxing areas.

Maintenance of the Smoke alarm-

Once you install the smoke alarms, don’t think that your job is done there. The next important step is maintenance. Every month, check its condition and in every year, change the batteries twice. It is advisable to follow same date and time every years, so that exactly on that you will remember to do it.


Steering an Escape-

Make a route planning to escape in case of any fire accidents. Taking a precautionary measure for the safety of your family is always a good and wise thing to do. Make multiple route to escape, so that if one exit is completely blocked, then you can use another exit to escape. Make sure that the entire family is aware of this plan; in fact, plan it together for better preparation. Practicing the fire drill can help you act quickly if there is a real fire accidents occur in your home.

All escape route plans should finally steer family members to one place that takes them to a safe distance from their home, and from where you can call for emergency. When you are planning escape route, you should also include the necessary items, like ladder to escape from the second floor or 3rd floor. Placing interlinked alarms also the best process as these alarms talk and tell the location of the fire while alarming sounds.

Conclusion: Smoke alarms are one of the terrific devices that can help you save your life when there is any fire accident in your home. They have helped many people and saved many lives. Therefore, you should always install a smoke alarms in each room and the main part is you should always check if they are working properly. If you do this, then you home and your family is protected from fire accidents.