Few Positive Effects of Social Networking Sites


Now a day, most of the people uses social networking sites all across the world. They use this service either for their personal or for professional interest. Every day, millions of people through these sites get in touch with their friends or colleagues whom they have never met for years or even with people known or unknown, who shares similar interests. Many people even make their business contacts through these sites. However, most of the times people use to ask the consequences of social networking sites on their life and also use to speculate whether this technology has got any positive effects or not.

The positive effects of social networking 

Staying connected:

The social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have made it easier for us to get connected with people whom we haven’t met for years. We can easily get in touch with people who shares similar interests like us. The best part is that we can always get connected to people whom we want and won’t lose contact with them unless and until we want to do it. It also lesson the hustle of staying connected to millions of people. Earlier people used to send letters, used to make calls, whereas now a day with the help of the internet & social networking sites they can easily get in touch with people consuming less time as well as paying less money.


Helping the communally disabled:

Another optimistic result of social networking sites is that the interaction takes place through the computer screen or mobile and therefore it provides a shielding to shy people and allows them to express their thoughts without the fright of rejection. It also allows strength to the low self-esteemed people to get in touch with others.

Romantic relationship:

It also helps people mostly teenagers to find their life partner and helps them to come together and start dating with each other online. The social networking sites enable us to get in touch with our loved ones when we get parted by long distances. On the other hand, we can also carry our romantic conversation with our partner while travelling.


Fortifying communities:

Another optimistic consequence of social networking sites is that it strengthens the communities. It helps in fortifying those people in communities who stays offline.

New approaches for news:

The popularity of social networking sites are increasing rapidly. Facebook and Twitter account bring updated news and reports from all across the world in different sectors to us which are mainly updated by individual profile users, some of them, sometimes, even make severe viral attack on people and communities.

Boosting confidence:

Positive reviews, likes, good comments all of these boost confidence in people. It promotes the self-esteem which is very important.

However using social networking sites can also be risky at the same time. So it is always advisable to be cautious while using these services.