Few Necessary Tips on Maintaining General Fitness of our Body


Maintaining overall body fitness ensures sound health. It is an ideal way of strengthening our body immune system. In case, an individual has recovered from a health ailment, it is really necessary for him/her to maintain fitness of their body which can improve their health easily and quickly and which is also suggested by all the doctors. Following are some basic guidelines and regimen to maintain an overall fitness of our body. 

Exercise regularly:

We should not deviate from this. Exercising in a regular way forms an important part of our fitness regimen. But please make a note that rigorous exercise has also adverse effects on our health.


There are many advantages in doing regular exercise. It increases our immunity which is the body’s power of resistance and improves our digestive system too. Our muscles also get toned and chances are less of having excess fat and calories which can create various problems to our health.

Initially the duration of our exercise can be a crucial one. We might feel tired after 20 to 25 minutes of doing it which is quite natural. But if we do it regularly, within two weeks our body can able to overcome this difficulty gradually. We should not overstress ourselves. We should emphasize on increasing the time duration after the first week as long as our body can resist.

Eat right:

Eating ideal food is another integral part in maintaining fitness of our body. This refers in maintaining an overall balance of all the vital nutrients in our daily diet. Based on our age, height, weight, sex and our daily physical activity, our body requires a certain amount of calories daily. We can easily calculate our daily calorie need in internet now days by calorie meter calculator.


Our daily diet should include a wide variety of foods. Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, egg and dairy products should be there in our daily diet regimen in balanced amount. The foods should be rich in vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and other essential elements and should be low in fats.

Drinking at least eight glasses of water daily is essential to keep our body hydrated. This helps in flushing out toxins and other wastes from our body.

We should make sure that we enjoy every bite of our food. Chewing the food well and savoring the taste is important. This produce sufficient amount of saliva in our mouth which is needed to digest the food easily after it enters into the stomach. Otherwise our digestive system can get affected.

Overeating is a big problem behind a weak digestive system. Therefore, we should eat the exact quantity of food that our body demands. Instead of having two or three heavy meals all over the day, we can have small meals four to five times a day. This will improve the overall digestion and will boost the proper amount of energy.

These are some useful tips to maintain our body’s overall fitness.