Few Necessary Ideas regarding Vintage Bathroom Design


Are you planning to give a new look to your bathroom? Are you looking for its vintage look? If your answer is yes then this is the article you should go through.

Bathroom décor is a thing which will convey a message of your taste and personality. Most often people used to ignore decorating it, no matter how big or small their bathroom is and wherever it is situated in the house. But this should always be kept in mind that it is and could be the most relaxing place after a whole day out if made with beautiful ideas and designs.

This write-up has explored some of the effective strategies and traditional methods to decorate a bathroom. If one could adopt these thoughts he or she could get an idea about how to create a beautiful vintage bathroom design. It wouldn’t be wrong if we say that a classic vintage style is the one which truly gets savored by the users.

Following are few points on which one should always focus:


For flooring one can opt for geometrical tile pattern. Though it is 1920s inspired style but still people nowadays prefer to use this style for bringing a traditional look to their washrooms. If not this, one can select stone tile or ceramic tile in mosaic which is also a good idea for flooring. However, if you want to bring a combined effect of traditionalism and modernism look in your bathroom, you can go for glossy polished stone.


Bath Fixtures

Roman bathtubs, antique shower doors, claw footed porcelain tubs, art deco fixtures, etc. are all good for vintage bathroom design. But these are quite heavy and rare pieces. Usually when old homes are demolished, these pieces get crushed. This is why in order to get hold of these products you need to invest loads of money. Now, if you want to make such a design which would balance between vintage and modern style you can choose products like claw footed tubs, pedestal sinks, bidets, high tanks, kitchen faucets or glass bathtub.


In order to get a vintage look, you can use bead board or tiles. Glossy white bead board is indeed a great way to capture the vintage spirit in your bathroom. In fact, if possible you should definitely try to choose square rectangular subway tiles for the washroom walls. Don’t become afraid to experiment with the color of the wall. Anything pastel or matt color in yellow will go well with the vintage look.

Mirror is an important item in bathroom décor. To get a vintage look of your bathroom, mirror with marble table will go well. Apart from this, few other things that are needed to be focused on are storage, built-ins and lightings which will play similar important role to create a vintage look of your bathroom.