Few Important Tips for Nurturing a Nursery Farm


Small nursery farming is one of the best things to enjoy. Starting small nursery can be a superb technique to earn money by just growing flowers. You can easily start a nursery farm in your small vacant area or back yard. For doing this, you don’t need a huge area. This will be very beneficial for you and your family. Investing time and money on this profession, you will make your investment double and will be enjoying your time with gardening. If you want or are interested to start a small nursery, here we suggest some of the beneficial and easy tips for you which can definitely help you in starting small nursery farming.

Area – For starting small nursery farm, first you need a place which is suitable for you. You can start on a small area or the backyard. It does not require a vast land and hence you can easily start a nursery farm in available place.


Shade house – For starting a nursery, you can build a shade house. The shade house will protect your plants from unhealthy and infected weather conditions. To build one, you need some bamboo and polythene sheet or you can also make your shade house with metal/steel rods which are more durable and long lasting.

Choosing plant – Before starting nursery farming, you should carefully choose the plant which is suitable and profitable for you. You should have an idea of the type of plant which is favorable and easily grow in your area.

Container or pot – You need a container or a plastic pot to plant the seeds. There are various sizes of container and plastic pots which are available in the market. You can buy those according to your needs. Container growing certainly helps to spend less time in watering and weeding.


Pests and diseases – Before starting a small nursery farm, you should do a research about pests, diseases and their origin. You should learn about pests and disease controlling formula for your nursery farming.

Cost Investment – For starting nursery farming, you should invest some money. You need some money for purchasing some necessary equipment like bamboo, agro net, etc. You should also buy good and beneficial plant seeds.

Agro net or polythene sheet – For starting nursery farming, you will need a polythene sheet or agro net which will protect the plants from the direct contact with the surroundings, heavy rain and changing climate.


Manure or fertilizer – For starting nursery farm you need manure or fertilizer which makes the soil fertile which is necessary for the plant. You can have fertilizers which are 100 percent good and natural from the market. You can also use the waste foods and vegetables from the kitchen for making a kind of natural manure in your own home.

In nursery farming, few couple of years is required to get the plants to mature. A lot of patience and hard work is also required.