Fascinating Locations in India


India has it all if you want to be fascinated by nature. The vast country is home to some of the world most beautiful scenes and natural treasures. There are many places in India that will fascinate even the dullest bloke and those that will remain in your mind forever. India has been described as the jewel of the world. Here are some of the fascinating places you should not miss in India.

The Yumthang Valley

Also known as Sikkim, the Yumathang Valley is a grazing pasture that is bordered by the Himalayan Mountains. The location is 3,564 meters above the sea level and is adorned with majestic flowers thus its popular name, Valley of flowers. It is a painting of nature at its best.

The Tea garden hill of Munnar, Kerala

The hills are carpeted with the golden green colour of tea all over making beautiful bulging grounds of gold. It is the highlands of India that looks breath taking from a far. The mood of the moment changes once you are in the hills.


Stok Range

If you have never visited this range then you cannot talk of ranges. The site is beautiful and amazing with dry mountains peeking below the sky. At 11,845 feet above the sea level, Stok ranges is a popular mountain in Asia. Climbers and mountaineers find the grey mountain a true adventure with the next step being Everest.

Nohkalikai Falls, Cherrapunji

This is one of the wettest places on earth and one of the tallest plunges in India. The site is beautiful and typical of waterfalls, gives a refreshing feel with the sound of an ever-falling water. The vegetation remarkably carpets the hills as they produce the water that rushes down the hills.

Matheran Hill Station

Matheran is the small hill station in India yet the most beautiful high altitude scene. Matheran is only 90 km from Mumbai making accessible to people who have come to visit India. You should visit the site during the sunset, there is nothing majestic than the view of the sun as it set from this wonderful natural tower of India. If you can catch the sunrise, you will be filled with the natural ambience of a new fresh day with the golden sun peeping from the horizon.

HIll station

Key Monastery Asia

It is known for its temple but Key Monastery offers more than religious symbolism. It is a Tibetan Buddhist Monastery that is strategically located at the crest of a hill. The Monastery lies at an altitude of 13,668 feet above the sea level and lies just above the Spiti river. Monastery has been there for centuries and still holds as the landmark of religion. There are many other views that will marvel you in India. Making a trip to this beautiful city will give you the most value that you can get from any other place in the world. Natural features decorate the country. It stands to bring the best out of nature and make the best out of every moment. All you need to do is know where to visit and get Indian Visa.