Exercises that Increase your Height


Almost every one of us envies tall people. Be it a teen or mid-aged person, almost 70% of the people are dissatisfied with their current height and wish they were a bit taller! Well if you fall in the category of those 70% people who wishes to increase their height, then this article is perfect for you. I’ve given few exercises below that are proven to increases your height in the long run.


  1. Swimming: For those who are good in it, swimming requires an enormous amount of stretching and reaching. Hence, it is one of the best ways to boost your height. But it does mean swimming frequently and for a longer period of time. For non-swimmers scroll below.
  1. Hanging Exercise: As the name suggests, hanging exercise includes hanging down on a horizontal bar and letting your body stretch. The concept of hanging exercise is all about letting your body stretch thereby stretching your muscles and boosting your height increase.
  1. Touch Toes: As the name suggests, this exercise is all about standing straight and reaching for the toes. If you are unable to touch your toes then it is not a problem, many people won’t be able to do it. Just simply try to reach your toes or just above it while holding the stretch for a few seconds each time you bend.
  1. Cobra Stretch: This exercise involves stretching out your spine and elongating the body. Just lie on the floor with your face down and palms under your shoulders. Now slowly lift your chin and then your back forming an angle. As you do this exercise, you should feel a kind of pressure on your back.

height increasing exercises

  1. Pelvic Shift: This exercise mainly targets lower hips and spine and is considered to be one of the most effective exercises for increasing height. Just lie down on your back, palms out at each sides and legs bent. Now slowly lift your pelvis upwards and hold this pose for about 20-30 seconds. Perform several repetitions for best result.
  1. Jumping Rope: We may have many memories associated with jumping ropes, but let me tell you, jumping rope isn’t just a play-for-fun game that we used to do when we were kids. It is very helpful in stretching out your body, especially the lower legs/calves. The more often you take a rope and jump, the sooner you will see the results.
  1. Spot Jump: Quite similar to jumping rope, it is also helpful in stretching out the cartilage in body, gradually increasing our height. The only difference is that you do not require a rope for it. You can either do vertical jumps at your home or simply play basketball for plenty of vertical jumps.



  • Couple the above given exercises with healthy nutritious diet and do drink plenty of water (as working out for long hours may dehydrate your body).
  • Do your exercises regularly even if you’re doing only one exercise. Doing all these exercise but irregularly won’t aid you in any way.