Exams: The Most Scariest thing in a Student’s Life


It’s a very common thing which each and every student face in their life. Most of the time it happens that students hardly have a week to study for their exams to begin. When this moment arises most of them really get puzzled of what they could do to compete in the exam.

Is it really necessary to study for exams as because nowadays it seems that the trend is becoming only to pass in the exam without knowing the actual fact of what one is learning. Aren’t they about how much we can cram into our head the night before an exam, and not about what we know? We couldn’t do any type of entertainment or even we don’t try to go for a date with anyone during our exams, because we only try to get into a relationship with our studies and think only of the exam.

Exams make us sick, tired, nervous, scary and also often take the shit out of us. It does to almost all the students. Every night before the day of our exam, we used pray to God and also make a resolution that from the next time we would start studying from the very first day our class will begin. But unfortunately that never happens to most of us. It always happens that the very first day we always start our study when the exam give a knock on our door.
Most of the time the worst thing during exams are our friends around us who always used to irritate us asking about the amount of preparation we’ve done. No matter, how much we try explaining them, they often don’t believe us. We always try convincing them that we haven’t studied anything for the exam but unfortunately it always went for a loss. In these matters most of the friends always think that we are lying. It also happens sometimes that some of our friends don’t even try to help us if we need it.

However, there are always few students who are nerds and study hard to come out with flying colors. But often we would find most of the students who doesn’t give a damn about their exams and studies and flunk without any shame. There are also few who are pretty average as well as few who put in their efforts but got screwed up sometimes. Whereas, sometimes we also often see some who doesn’t study and have fun all the time but yet score the highest amongst all luckily.
But no matter what we do, the most important thing in student’s life is exam. No matter how much we hate it, we always used to face this trouble. When exams appear, we got so much tensed and worried about it that we end up spending more time relaxing by watching television, playing games, hanging out, boozing more often, and also stop spending more time on social networking sites like ‘Facebook’. But, the fact is everything else seems to be more interesting when we sit for our studies. As a student, we are supposed to spend a huge amount of time in studying, and sacrifice the above mentioned activities often for it. But unfortunately most of us don’t do that.

Someone had said, “Study while others are sleeping; work while others are loafing; prepare while others are playing; and dream while others are wishing.” How true it is. So, don’t wait more. The time will never be just right. Start right now. If you always get worried for your exam, start studying right now. You are never late and you shouldn’t also think of those nerds in your class who have started studying long back or even some who might have finished. What matter is to believe you can do it if you begin at this moment.
You never know what results would come out of your action but if you do nothing there will be no result. I am not saying that it is going to be easy or you’d be able to score the highest marks, but I am saying that it’s worth. Studying now, no matter how irritating it is, is better than regretting later. You might have flunked earlier or haven’t achieved what you aimed for, but failures are a part of life. Forget the failures. Forget everything except what you are going to do now. So, go ahead, and do it.


About the Author:

Nihareeka Solanki is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.