Everything You Need to Know About Packaging Materials [Infographic]


Packaging materials are widely used to protect the goods from any physical damage. While in transit best quality packaging ensures that the product will arrive safely. Over the years we have noticed that the use of packaging materials have increased and ecommerce is one of the biggest reasons behind it. Companies are also focusing more on Eco friendly packaging because customer want their products to be flexible, durable and Eco friendly. Apart from this, brands are also focusing on intelligent packaging which will help in reducing the packaging waste.

Packaging works as a shield for the product. Cardboard boxes, wardrobe boxes, strapping tools are among the most used packaging materials. Many industries are using these packaging materials. Packaging not only helps in protecting the goods from physical damage but also it helps in promoting the brand. You can get your slogans and logo printed on the packaging boxes and this way you can start a communication with your potential buyer. Packaging design also plays a big role in influencing customer’s purchase decisions. We are here talking about the latest packaging design ideas which have made a big impact.

When choosing packaging materials you should always contact the trusted supplier. If you need packaging materials in bulk then there is no need to contact the retailer or any 3rd person, you just need to contact the wholesaler and they will provide you with right quotations as per your requirements. You can also get good deals online and many times seasonal offers are also available. Packaging materials which you are buying should be durable and flexible. Compact packaging is the newest trend and food packaging industry is currently working on supplying the food products in compact packaging. This type of packaging is easy to use and it helps in brand building as well.

This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around different packaging materials.


Author Bio – Mark Dawson writes about latest trends in packaging industry. He is currently working at Globe Packaging – suppliers of industry standard packaging materials.