Essential Google Marketing Trends which are going to be helpful in 2017


We all have heard about Google! It is a multinational technology company based in America. This company is more than just a search engine. Google has products and services served online. It provides a variety of products and services which are related to

  • Online advertising tools
  • Search engine
  • Cloud computing
  • Software
  • Hardware

Essential Google marketing trends in 2017

1- Google My Business Listing Tool:

google my business listing

It is the tool used to manage the online presence across Google through search or through maps. It is free of cost. Using Google my business tool you can add the business information or photo to attract the customers. This tool can be accessed through mobile app also.

2- You Tube:

google youtube

You tube is also part of Google. You can promote business through you tube channels. You can create a nice video content with back links. Video content tool is the latest update in 2017.

3- Set up a Google Webmaster:


It is used to support the client website. It is a mechanism of Google, which protect your website from any issue like malware. Here Google directly communicates with the webmaster for any issues concerning your website. Helps to improve your website.

4- Template Databases:

Another latest tool is the template database. It provides the multiple of templates for your ad campaign.

5- Display Benchmark:

This is the latest tool used to measure the success of your display campaign. You can compare your campaign with other industry.

These are very few useful Google marketing tools for 2017. These are super useful tools brought by the Google. You can also check out the Google page for more details of the tools and technique. It also offers the beginners guide to support you.