Eco-Friendly Packaging [Infographic]


Packaging as we all know helps in protecting goods when in transit. There are various kinds of packaging – a packaging which protects the content of the product is primary packaging, secondary packaging is used for protecting primary packaging and likewise tertiary packaging is for secondary packaging. Apart from protecting goods, packaging is also used as a powerful marketing medium. You can get your company’s logo printed on the boxes and you can also show information about the company through packaging. A well designed packaging can influence the buying decisions for the customers. Well, today customers want packaging that is durable, flexible, eco friendly and reusable.

Companies are now using the alternative packaging materials that are eco friendly and reusable. In a survey it was found out that 83% of the customers think that they choose the product if it supplied with eco friendly packaging. There are many ways to make eco friendly packaging materials.

The main benefits of eco friendly packaging are:

  1. It helps to retain the customers. As discussed above, customers favor eco friendly packaging over conventional packaging.
  2. You can easily reduce the total cost of packaging. Light, easy to ship and durable.
  3. If your company is using eco friendly packaging materials then it improve the image of your business. People generally favor the companies that use eco friendly materials.

Apart from all these benefits of eco friendly packaging, one thing which also we would like to add here is that eco friendly packaging helps us in contributing to environment. If we want to reduce our carbon footprints then this is the way we can contribute in building a better environment.

So, let’s have a look at the below infographic, created by Globe Packaging, which revolves around the various benefits of using eco friendly packaging materials.

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Author Bio: Mark Dawson writes about latest trends in Packaging industry. He is currently working at Globe Packaging – a company which provides industry standard packaging materials.