Different Spa Accessories and their Utilities


Spa accessories are mainly used for the enjoyment while using the spa. Now a question may arise here that whether there is any difference between accessories and parts in a hot tub. In this regard, it is better to mention that accessories are extra equipment that enhances utility, whereas parts are compulsory components that make the hot tub function in its usual way.

The Spa Pump

The pump is considered to be one of the most important parts of a spa and comes in different range of configurations. In most of the spas, 2-speed pump is used which work like a dual speed massage pump. It also purifies the water at a low speed. On the other hand, few spas have more than one pump in which the second remains engaged in seat configuration. Usually it is seen that using more than one jet pump let people to control their own enjoyment as well as relaxation.


Other types of hot tub pumps usually include waterway tiny might circulation pump and Laing circulation pump. These pumps circulate the spa water and keep on filtering the water throughout the day.

Circulation pumps are mostly weaker and smaller than other low speed pumps. But since it filters the water for a long time, by the end of the day it is seen that all of them are almost same. However, it can always be said that some circulation pumps are not that strong to lead water movement. This might be seen on few spas in which if you put a leaf, won’t rise at the top because of the weak suction.


Different Other Hot Tub Accessories

Besides pumps, few other spa accessories that are considered to be necessary for keeping its water hygienic are hot tub filters, spa covers, lights, seats, floating rubber toys and shelves. We can find all these accessories on the market. If we want, can purchase them individually and can install them together or otherwise if we want, can transfer the job to someone else who can carefully look after our hot tub.


If we really want to know more about different spa components, it’s better to consult someone who has a sound knowledge about the hot tubs or else we can also consult the companies that sell these products. They well know which products are used for what purpose and what types of components will go well with which types of spas. So it is always good to seek help from them and take the right decision to keep our spa comfortable.

Spa is indeed one of the best tools for relaxation after undergoing a day-long exhaustion. So it’s really necessary to maintain it and fixing some accessories with it for enhancing the comfort and enjoyment.