Consumption of Packaging Materials across the World [Infographic]


The packaging industry has developed considerably since the invention of various routes for the production of packaging materials. Packaging supplies have substantial benefits in terms of packaging or make items or products safe. Today, packaging material are using worldwide very immensely.

Annual packaging cost for any items or products have crossed billion dollars across world. It is estimated that 10 % of overall cost is used by retail industry. Companies spend millions of dollars using as a form of marketing to attract the customers. There are large variety of materials and containers that are used  for packaging.

Check out the list of packaging materials which are used for packaging and are used across the world:

Cardboard boxes:

This is the best packaging material which is used across the world. Cardboard boxes are used by retailers as well as individuals in order to keep the items safe during transportation and most popular packaging product across various sectors.

There are other packaging materials that are use commonly worldwide such as bubble wrap, pouches, corner protections, strapping coils and many more.

Here are few stats that show you top 10 packaging markets:

USA manufactures packaging materials worth of 1 million$ per year.

Japan manufactures packaging materials worth of 60,000$.

China manufactures the same as around 40,000 $.

World packaging consumption by sector, 2017

Paper and boards are used around 35 % across world and rest 6 % glass, 15% metals and 30% rigid plastics are used as packaging materials.

The consumption of packaging materials are increasing day by day as population is growing rapidly and the requirement of convenience is increasing among the consumers.

Check out the below Infographics which explains you about the consumption of packaging materials across the world and about most trendy packaging materials used by consumers and the industries.