Confluence of Melody and Music in India


Music is the soul of cosmos – It is found everwhere from the rustling of the trees, to the playful streams, to the pitter-patter of the raindrops. Indian music in particulars is one of the oldest and finest forms of human expression. Music springs from the Vedas, the most ancient literature known to the world which is set to a distinctive melody that is absolutely soothing. Folk and classical music have developed side by side. The varied human passions like agony, ecstasy, sorrow, hope, desire, etc. find expression in the subtle notes of music.

In India, music has been categorized by the scriptures into two major streams known as the Margi and Desi, roughly translated as classical and folk. The basic tents of classical music have been laid down by numerous ancient texts.

Hindustani and Carnatic are the two major systems of classical music. Though they have similar of classical music. Thought they have similar origins and sources, according to ancient scripts, they seem distinct. Raga is India’s contribution to the world of music. It is fundamental to Indian classical music, both Hindustani and Carnatic.


Music must have developed in different forms ever since the vedic age. Today we have few vestiges of those-ancient forms of music. Now music is woven into different forms like Ghazals, Qawwali, Instrumental, POP, Remixes etc.

Bhangra is a fusion of music, singing and most significantly, the best of the dhol drum, a single stringed instrument called Iktar, the Tumbi and an instrument  reminiscent of an enlarges pair of tongs called Chimta. The accompanying songs are small couplets written int he Punjabi language called Bollix. They related to harvest celebration, love & patriotism.

Indian pop music is something that can be considered a conglomerate of music. It dervies much influences from beats around the world and incorporate them into Indian folk or current music.


Qawwali if the devotional music of the Sufis. Originally performed mainly at Sufi Shriness in India and Pakistan, it has also gained popularity in the main stream, especially through the work of artists like Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. Qawwali is a  vibrant musical tradition that stretches back more than 700 years.

Music has always stood the test of time. It has the power to soothe, comfort and enrich our lives. It power to soothe, comfort and enrich our lives. It is this power that has fuelled imagination across the globe and has churned out musician par excellence who act as bridges that connect diverse cultures, broken hearts, broken minds and broken boundaries.