Common Christmas Packaging Mistakes [Infographic]


Now it is time to store the gifts we received on Christmas. It may be possible that you are planning to throw some of the used boxes too. Well here are some points that you can follow to avoid Christmas packaging mistakes and use the packaging materials wisely. When sending out gifts, using a good carrier is very important. But if you want to deliver it successfully you need to pack it correctly. First you need to make a list of all the times you are planning to pack. After that you should order the right boxes as per the size of the items. You should always use the right type of container. If you will use the wrong container then it can affect the delivery. Don’t overfill the boxes. Make sure you tape the boxes rightly. If there are breakable items in the box, you should use bubble wraps to protect them. Other than these things, you will be needing labels too. If there are used boxes and you think that you can’t use them further then you should contact your local recycling center. They will collect the boxes from your doorstep. You can also donate the old boxes.

You should also use packaging materials to provide internal protection to items. Cardboard boxes are among the popular packaging materials and they can be used for many purposes. You can easily order cardboard boxes in any size or shape.

You should always choose the right packaging material supplier. An experience packaging supplier understand your needs and provide you right boxes, tapes, labels and other important things that you will be needing for packing the items. This infographic, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around common holiday packaging mistakes. Go through the visual representation and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.


Author Bio: Mark Dawson writes about latest trends in packaging industry. He is currently working as a Marketing Manager at Globe Packaging – a company which provides industry standard packaging materials.