Choose Designer Fragrances That Match Your Personality


Fragrances are almost synonymous to personalities. It is quite interesting to note that fragrances have a deep impact on the mind. In fact you can identify some people with their perfumes. The smell lingers in your mind and as soon as the familiar scent comes to your nose, it reminds you of the person or of any memory from the past. In a way, perfumes can take us back to our fond memories and make us sentimental and nostalgic.

Choosing a fragrance

Choosing a perfume or fragrance is not as simple as it seems to be. It is not just the smell that matters; there are many other things which need to be taken into consideration while buying a perfume. Perfume shopping takes time and patience as you need to understand if the fragrance is catering to all the attributes or not. With innumerable brands of designer perfumes available in the market, it is indeed a difficult thing to make the right choice. Before going for the final purchase, ensure that you read reviews of the same from various trusted sources and then invest in the same.

Designer Fragrances

Decoding personality as per fragrance choices

Understanding one’s personality is very important before buying a fragrance. It can also be said in other way that fragrances define your personality. Here are some tips on choosing perfumes as per personality:

  • Fruity perfumes – Such kinds of fragrances are a sure hit with people who are into sports and fitness. Fruity perfumes mainly come in citrusy notes, which impart a sense of energy and mood upliftment. Some perfumes have a great combination of fruity smells and woody base notes. If you are a woman who loves sports activities, follow fitness regimen and is particular about your health and happiness, these kinds of perfumes are best for you.
  • Fresh and Clean perfumes – Women who are straightforward and fuss free along with having a love for the outside world are fond of perfumes, which are clean and fresh. These perfumes have a sense of the sea breeze, of the ocean and the water and other natural elements. Women who love such perfumes are usually casual and do not like spending much time and money on clothing and accessories and appearance. They have practical approach towards life but nevertheless have full zest for living life in the best manner.
  • Perfumes with woody flavors – Women who are unique in their own way love woodsy perfumes. Such women are usually complex and have immense depth in their personality. They love experimenting and have a bold personality. Many women who love woodsy flavors are brooding in nature as well. Usually they are just opposite to women who love floral and fruity fragrances.
  • Floral perfumes – Women who have strong feminine aspects love floral perfumes. Usually such women have conventional preferences and tastes. Every kind of perfume which they love has strong floral undertones. There is a subtle tone of femininity associated with each floral perfume as both seem integrally intertwined with one another.

Buying authentic perfumes

With the coming of online stores, purchasing your favorite fragrance has become quite easy. You can shop your favorite perfume from the best place right from the comforts of your own home. Now it is possible to get branded cosmetics for less as attractive deals and discounts are available on various products. Just ensure that the perfume you are purchasing is authentic.