Characteristic & Necessity of a Youth in Politics


In India, 60% of the illiterate people live in darkness, blindly accepting the speeches made by our much chosen politicians which basically are false. Even today, sometimes, it is seen that the person who lives in those dark places might grow old just waiting for a bulb which he had hung when he was a teen to get it lightened up and even assuring his grand kids that one day there will be a power supply in their village.

It is really very sad to see when an illiterate politician with criminal backgrounds or records which are enough to put him behind the bars, keep winning elections again and again, and the youth does nothing more than shamelessly accomplice into the crime just by casting wrong votes which is really bad as the person who has got the potential to rule the state or country well wouldn’t get elected.

No wonder why India escalates the chart of the most corrupted nation, all thanks to our politicians and administrators. Money worth crores were already pumped to clean places around the river Yamuna for almost a decade and what we finally hear from the CM is ’The place can’t be cleaned up before the Commonwealth Games’.

It’s really sad that the youth seems to follow suit. Rahul Gandhi – he’s actually got nothing in his credit in spite of coming from such a privileged background. He might be going to pauper’s houses but the point is that any high school student or staffs were doing much better community work than him and were much better exposed to the realities. His single action till date doesn’t display any leadership quality or nor does he came as an independent decisiveness into picture. Coming to Varun Gandhi, he delivered the Anti-Muslim speech. As a youth, we don’t want to be a loyal follower of such a leader nor do we require a person creating inflammatory remarks. ABVP and NSUI of DU play no different ballgames. When elections used to come, the contestants are seen to linger over the campuses playing all foul games to win that extra edge. It seems that they are even one step ahead from whom we call as ‘Politician Guru’.


Nowadays it also seems that the youth, somehow, is least interested in contributing anything to their society where they usually stay. It might probably be because of these corrupt politicians or might be because they really don’t like to take part in anything which could stop these kinds of games. But, still if we don’t raise our voice against it, the same thing will continue forever. It might also because of the society where they live that they don’t want to take part in such action as most of the people don’t like or feel scared to send their son or daughter to take part in any of these games. If anyhow he or she wants to go ahead into this, their thoughts were simply being dumped down into the drains before even being clicked in. Family is the most important priority these days to almost all the people. Having said all, there’s a definite desire in the country that the nation’s leadership face needs to undergo a dramatic change or makeover. We should seek those people who are vibrant and young as well as mature and knowledgeable; leading us through a style of governance unknown to India for years.

We need a candidate who can bring change and should have a vision for India instead of people coming from political families. We need candidates brimming with bubbling ideas instead of emulating what previous candidates used to do. More interestingly, most of the democratic countries prefer having young leaders taking charge to rule the state or country. If a man surpassing a certain age is considered unfit to lead the top Medical Institution in the country perhaps because of a person’s ability to judge and respond deteriorates with age, don’t you think that young ones should take charge of the critical jobs as well as should also take the charge of ruling a country which is much more critical from any other jobs.


And to those chicken-hearted-souls, who thinks honesty, punctuality and corporate structure can in no way overpower the prevalence in Indian Democracy, this is the treat for all of them – Mr. Sreedhara successfully got the Metro Phase 1 accomplished in the given time frame along with the given allocated funds. He only listens to them who & which is required to be heard and not to them which is not; and he did all this after retiring from Indian Railways. Kudos to him! We always want such young Sreedhars plunging in a new scenario which is politics.

Social and political changes have always come from visionary and charismatic leaders who could articulate their vision so as to mobilize people to achieve seemingly impossible goals.