Beautiful Apparels to Delight Her [Infographic]


India is a land of varieties – whether it is in geographical aspects, cultural and regional aspects, fooding and festival aspects, dressing aspects etc. Every part of India is different from the other and it is this variety that makes the country colorful and vibrant.

Talking of attires, Indian ethnic wear for women is highly popular all across the globe. Right from the traditional saree, salwar kameez, lehanga or other combinations of conventional attires – everything is simply fabulous regarding Indian ethnic costumes.

Here are some of the reasons why Indian traditional dresses are getting so much popularity:

  • Perfect amalgamation of traditional and western fashion – Talking of western fashion, it is all about elegant cuts, high levels of formality and suave styles, which dominate the international fashion arena. On the contrary Indian costumes are known for their gorgeousness, glamour and lavish appeal. It is interesting to note that many traditional Indian dresses have been given a new look and feel with slight changes. For instance, the traditional salwar kameez has got many variations lately and makes a perfect outfit for casual wear as well as for special occasions. The lehanga choli also comes in various styles and one can choose the style which seems easy and comfortable to carry.
  • Increasing promotion of traditional Indian attires online – With more and more numbers of e-commerce sites opening, everything is reaching to the global audience easily. Infact many online stores across the world sell Indian traditional outfits for men and women. You might be surprised to know that many people in foreign lands are purchasing Indian outfits, which they adorn to Indian festivals and functions. Innumerable Indian fashion designers and craftsmen have been able to reach the international level via this online platform. People have been seeing Indian sarees, lehangas, kurtis, salwar kameez etc from these online stores.
  • Promotion by film and television industry – Bollywood movies have crossed international boundaries and are shown in many international multiplexes around the world. Indian dresses which are exhibited and displayed via the movies gain immense popularity with people. Sarees in particular are highly appreciated along with other kinds of Indian conventional attire. Infact many women follow their favorite Bollywood star when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. Bollywood has lately seen a revival of Indian ethnic dressing style and this has increased the popularity of the same in the global international market.
  • Suitable for traditional occasions – Indians are present in every part of the world. And each Indian carries a part of India within him/her. This gets reflected during festivals or on special occasions. Indians love to adorn new and traditional outfits during festivities and special ceremonies. People leaving far away from India make it a point to carry conventional attires for such occasions and adorn the same on such special days. Now, there is also the option of shopping the preferred costume from the best online store.
  • Good products at reasonable rates – Modern fashion designers have been able to catch the demand pulse well of customers. This is the reason they design ethnic clothes within reasonable budget. Along with improved quality of the materials, emphasis is also laid on the design and craftsmanship involved. For making the garments affordable for common people, attractive discounts are also offered on the products.

All the above mentioned points are true and valid for increased popularity of Indian traditional wear.

Beautiful Apparels to Delight Her