Banana Facts and Figures: Time to Go Bananas!


Bananas are one of the most popular fruits desired by almost every one. It is sweet, delicious, luscious and wholesome. Power packed with potassium and essential vitamins, bananas are health-friendly too. And the best part of it is its portability and it’s ready to eat nature; just peel no big deal! (Unlike watermelons and pineapples. These fruits are not only huge but are also very inappropriate for consumption anywhere and everywhere). I’ve listed few banana facts below: Some Heard and some Unheard Facts.

  1. Banana tree is actually an Herb: Every one of us might have said one time or the other that the banana fruit grows on banana trees! Well let me correct you, banana tree is actually one of the tallest and biggest Herb. It often grows up to the height of 16 – 20 feet. Banana plants grow from rhizome which is a fat, bulb-like root that springs at the base of the mother plant.
  1. Cavendish is the top banana: Well, there are almost 500 varieties of bananas in the world but Cavendish has ruled them all. When I say ruled, I mean the exchange market: imports and exports. Recent facts and figures show that 95% of the banana exports comprises of Cavendish.
  1. Banana Business: Bananas are big business. According to United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, bananas make up to the 8th position in the list of World’s most important foods. This also means it makes up a global industry making over $8 million in annual trade. Bananas are grown in over 150 countries all over the world. United States has turned out to be the top importer of bananas over the past few years, importing almost 4 million tons of bananas annually. This means almost 65% of the American household buys bananas every week, making it one of the most popular and freshly available fruits.


  1. Complete food: Bananas treat you right in every possible way. This means every bite you take is power packed with nutrition for quick energy boost. Regardless of its sweet taste, a medium banana contains about 90 calories only. This means bananas might turn out to be your life saver if you’re on heavier side. It contains Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, dietary fiber and Potassium. Potassium specially, is very helpful for people with high blood pressure. Apart from these, bananas also helps to soothe muscle cramps including cluster headaches. A banana or two at your bedside might solve many problems. If that’s not enough, bananas are very helpful in treating the inflammation in the stomach lining, that is the reason why doctors recommend bananas for gastrointestinal problems and quick heal solution for stomach ulcers. Not only the fruit, but the peel too helps in treating mosquito bites and insect bites.
  1. History and origin: According to experts, bananas originated from South-East Asia about thousands of years ago and this has been proven roughly on the basis of the availability of the wild type of bananas till date. Bananas play an important role in the ancient art and mythology of many cultures especially that of Hindus and Buddhist. According to Hawaiian legend, bananas were not allowed to be consumed by women. Only men were allowed to consume it basically due to its phallic shape.

Banana joke:

Small kid (on writing banana) – I know where to start; But I don’t know where to stop…!!! Banananananananananana!!!