Baby sleeping bags and Baby changing bags; Two Overlooked Essentials


If you’ve got a baby on the way, a good organisation and budgeting exercise is to compile a list of things that your baby will need. Start with the main, essential items and end with the items that would be nice, but not strictly necessary. You probably have a fair idea of what to put on this list, but there are sample lists on several baby advice sites if you get stuck or want to check it.

When you are compiling your list for your new arrival, one of the essential items that you will need for convenience and organisation is a changing bag. For such little people, babies need a lot of things! Whenever you leave the house with your baby, whether it is a trip to the supermarket or an outing to a relative, you will need nappies, nappy bags, nappy cream, wipes, a change of outfit, feeding equipment if your baby is bottle-fed, dummies and a spare top for you. You need to bear in mind where you’re going and your baby’s current needs, for example, baby food if they’re on solids, teething gel if they’re teething; the list expands.


A good rule of thumb is to take one nappy per hour that you’ll be out of the house. With so many things to take with you, you need to find a bag with various sizes of compartments and a durable strap. Quality is key as you don’t want to be picking up as your paraphernalia that’s fallen on to the floor whilst juggling a crying baby! It’s also handy to have a zip-up compartment for your purse and keys if you don’t want to take a handbag with you as well.

Another item that is becoming more and more popular is the baby sleeping bag. These are like a sleeping bag that you would take camping, but baby-size with a rounded bottom and with poppers at the shoulders. They are worn by the baby over their normal sleepwear instead of using blankets. This means that your baby doesn’t have the risk of slipping under blankets and won’t be woken up by getting cold, which can happen with shifting covers. If your baby needs a change during the night, they also open at the bottom, so there is minimum disturbance.


They come in a variety of thicknesses, much like selecting different types of sheets. This means that you can choose the tog that is best for your baby dependant on the temperature of their nursery and you can purchase one for warmer weather and one for colder weather. They can help you ensure that your baby is consistently at a comfortable temperature, which is a proven factor in helping to prevent SIDs (sudden infant death syndrome, also known as cot death).

If you just spend a bit of time before your baby is born picking out your essential items, the pay back in convenience and reduced stress levels will be huge.


Author Bio:

Ricky Johnson is a childcare expert originally from Australia and gives advice to expecting mothers about baby prams, Baby sleeping bags and Baby changing bags, via an online childcare forum.