Amazing things to do in Ecuador


Mountains, volcanoes, the Pacific ocean, lively jungles, wildlife, century-old towns and many more natural wonders – Ecuador is a place that gives you the chance to be a real adventurer, while exploring its enchanting beauty. For such a small country, it has everything necessary to provide you with unforgettable experiences, to give you the chance to see and do things you’ve never done before. It’s easy to enjoy the variety of unique things that incredible Ecuador can offer.


Ecuador is a diverse country and certainly provides travelers with the chance to have a number of adventures while exploring it. It’s relatively a small country but packs everything necessary to give you the adventure vibe and many amazing experiences that will remain in your memory forever. Actually, the fact Ecuador is small makes it easier to explore most of it in a short period of time. A good way to get to know the country is by enjoying a variety of activities it offers.

Cotopaxi Volcano

Once you’re in Ecuador, one thing that you should do is to visit the Cotopaxi Volcano. With its 5.897 meters, it’s the second tallest volcano in the country and the tallest active one in the world. In case you don’t feel ready to climb it, you can go downhill and bike. It will definitely be a beautiful experience. It’s easy to get there from the capital Quito and it’s also a good activity for anyone, no matter the age.

Devil’s Nose

A traditional experience in Ecuador is the Devil’s Nose train ride. In case you happen to be in the old town of Riobamba in central Ecuador, you should jump on a train and have this extraordinary time on it. The train zigzags up a cliff between two towns, passing by the Devil’s Nose, which is a huge rock. It’s an exciting experience and in order to enjoy perfect sights stay on the right side of the train.

White River Rafting

If you’re keen on rafting, or you just want to experience everything that Ecuador offers, you should try this wild water rafting. It’s a great experience that takes up to five days. The adventure starts from the volcanoes and continues deep into the Amazon jungle. The boat is operated by an experienced captain and previous rafting skills are not necessary.

Swimming with Sea Lions

Galapagos is known for its incredible underwater world which you can have the chance to see. There are many dives organized each day and also at night, which makes it a unique experience. You will have the opportunity to swim with turtles and sea lions and to be amazed by the wonderful members of the underwater life. You can also witness the breathtaking sight of a shark in the distance.

What else to do in Ecuador


Once you get to Ecuador, you have to jump over the Equator in the capital Quito. Either you will straddle the Equator, sit on it or anything you wish, it’s something that just has to be done when visiting Ecuador. It’s a very touristic destination as well, so you can find many trips to the Equator.


Become a part of the culture of Ecuador by attending a festival or a carnival. Music there is influenced by Africa, Andean folklore and elements from the jungle, which makes it a beautiful mix that you can feel and dance to.

Whether you’re searching for adventures or you want to experience the culture of Ecuador, it’s a place that a true traveler should visit. With its diverse setting of wildlife and modern cities, it’s a country that can take your breath.


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