All round Information about Pool Tables


Pool table is a pocket billiard table. The very first pool table was designed in the year 1903. At that time, the pool balls were made up of ivory. But in course of time celluloid and plastic balls took their places. A particular kind of vulcanized rubber is used to make the cushions placed on the side of the pool tables while a combination of nylon and wool goes on making the felt as it had been the custom since making of the first pool table in 1903.

What is the right kind of a pool table?

pool table

The right kind of a pool table generally contains the following features:

  • The average length of a pool table should be within 7 to 9 feet. Those which are 9 feet in length are ideal for tournaments. We can select the size of the pool table according to the space available in our recreation room.
  • The surface of the pool table is covered with a bed, side cushions, pockets and felt. Wood, laminate, wood veneer, plastic or metal is used to build the body of the pool table.
  • The bed is made with a single piece of slate. The professional players of pool table are fond of playing the game on this type of bed as it is ideal in hitting lines and straight shots. If you are a novice, it is advisable to select a cheaper bed.
  • The felt of the pool table can be found in many vibrant colors and manufacturers can even modify the color of the felt if you wish to.
  • It has six pockets. 4 pockets are in four corners. They are called corner pockets. And two are in the mid-point of each long side. They are called side pockets or mid pockets. Sometimes tables having four pockets are also used.

If we wish to purchase a pool table, we must know about the different accessories present in it. Pool table balls, pool table cues, pool table chalk, pool table lights, pool table rocks and pool table cover are few important accessories which are present in pool tables.

pool table

No one can play this interesting game without the pool balls where the 16-ball set is most regular and popular. The pool cues are of two types which are one-piece and two-piece. The one-piece cues are for the amateur players while the professional players use the two-piece cues. Pool cue chalk and pool table rocks are essential to play the game well. Pool table lights are also necessary no matter when we play the game either it be at day or night.