All About Wedding Shower


What is wedding shower?

This is a party held to shower the bride and groom with gifts by their close friends and relatives. This is quite common today in United States, Canada and Australia.

Bridal shower:

Literally bridal shower is different from wedding shower. Bridal shower is the party which is held for the bride. It is held before marriage. People shower gifts to the would-be bride.

But nowadays these two terms has become almost the same.


Wedding shower history:

Since a long time, people are seen to organize a special shower in the wedding occasion for their near and dear ones. According to the history, wedding shower is the alternate practice of dowry. If the bride’s parents were poor, to give the required dowry to the groom’s family, they generally used to hold this wedding shower to collect gifts from others like friends or relatives just to compensate the dowry with these gifts.

But nowadays it is actually being held for the purpose of making fun with the newly-married bride. Initially in this traditional wedding shower, only women were invited, but nowadays as changes can be felt in different arenas, instead of following the traditional wedding shower style, people are showing their inclination towards engaging both the bride and the groom with this occasion, where they are blessed with good wishes and adorable gifts. This couple shower usually features intoxicating drinks as well as mouth-watering delicacies.


However, if you had never organized such an event and want to acquire some useful information about this, you can go through the below-mentioned points:

  • First, take the consent of the bride as well as the groom regarding this event. If they show interest, only then, it’s good for you to proceed.
  • Prepare the guests list. It is indeed a tough job. This is because; if you forget to include the name of any special guest, he/she could might get disheartened. So, take your time and make sure to put all the names of the guests in that list. People, who are invited in this wedding shower, should definitely be invited on the wedding day.
  • You should avoid using your home for this purpose. For this occasion, it’s good for you to consider a location that will go perfect with your interest. It is said that public parks and eateries are good options for this.
  • Select a theme and try to create an ambiance in which bride as well as the groom will feel comfortable and the guests will also have fun.
  • Dress code should also be fixed prior to the occasion.