A Brief Introduction to the Nine Planets in Astrology

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Astrology is either brushed off as pseudoscience or lumped together with magic and crystal ball gazing.

But despite the scientific community’s contentions, there’s a renewed interest in it – similar to Vastu Shastra – in recent times, especially from millennials.

In this article, I’ll discuss the major planets in Astrology. What their positions in birth chart signify, how they affect our lives and stuff like that. Keep reading if you are a firm believer in astrology. Disbelievers don’t shove off. Scroll down imagining you are reading a fairy tale.


Sun is not a planet, it’s a star. But in Hindu astrology, Sun is considered a planet. Both astrology and mythological records hailed Sun as the king of all the planets. Every planet ascended from Sun. If a planet in the birth chart orbits Sun at 8½° conjunction, Sun is believed to draw in its energy.

Astrological calculations are not approved by mainstream mathematics, so don’t bother to understand. If Sun is in a favorable position in one’s birth chart, they’d have exceptional courage and self-confidence. They’d be energized, high-spirited and ambitious. Unfavorable position means the native would be arrogant and haughty.


The second most important planet is Jupiter. In astrology, this planet is called “Guru” or teacher. Jupiter is the teacher of other planets. Not just in Hinduism, Jupiter was exalted by the ancient Greeks who believed the planet is the father of Zeus.

If Jupiter is in favorable position in birth chart, the native will be a mindful listener, he’ll do well in academics, get a good job and be lucky in most aspects of life. Jupiter’s negative ascension brings hardship and dispute in life. Natives behave recklessly and spend lavishly.


Mars is a masculine planet according to Hindu astrology. They referred to Mars as the God of war. Mars epitomizes strength. If Mars is in a favorable position in the birthchart, native will be confident,unflinching, determined and committed to a cause or an ideology.

If Mars’ position is weak, he will have less control over his desires, lack physical strength, be overly argumentative and short-tempered. He won’t have the resolute and fortitude to stand up for a cause.

Natives with weak Mars position in their birth charts are called Mangliks. They face problems getting married.


The planet venus is called Shukra in Sanskrit. In the European culture, Venus is associated with love, romance and affection. Not much different in Hindu culture. Venus is believed to bring marital bliss in life. If Venus’ position is strong in the birth chart, the native will have a great romantic life. He will also show talent in music, drama, literature and fine art, tattoo art. He will own an expensive car, jewellery and a house.

If Venus is weak, the native will have problems related to kidney, throat, cheek, and skin. He will be prone to perverse thoughts and will not be successful in matters of love and relationship.



The planet Mercury or Budha is responsible for intellectual growth. People who are positively guided by Budha are more intelligent than others. They tend to perform well in higher studies and find careers that require deep thinking.

If mercury is in an auspicious position for someone, they will have immense power of intellect. They will comprehend things quickly and rationally. They will interpret things accurately. Ideal professions for these natives are art, teaching, law, management, accountancy, engineering, publishing, etc.

If mercury is down, the native will be stupid. He will have difficulty understanding things. He won’t excel in academic studies and instead will be cunning, deceitful and extremely manipulative. 


Moon according to Hindu scriptures is a feminine deity. It presence in the 4th of the birth chart is highly auspicious because the 4th house is believed to be ruled by Cancer and moon is its ruling planet.

Moon stays 2½ days in every sign. It controls an individual’s moods and emotions. If moon is strong in the chart, the native will be understanding, emotional, sensitive to other’s problems, kind and caring. If moon is weak, they will be unkind, insensitive and less attached to their friends and family members.


Saturn or Shani is considered a very powerful planet. Astrologers believe Saturn could make or break a person depending on how it’s positioned in their natal chart. Saturn’s unfavorable position leads to “Doshas” or problems. Two most familiar doshas are sare-sati or seven and a half and dhaiya or two and a half. The doshas signify the time period during which saturn’s effect is strongest in one’s life. If saturn favors someone, he’d get bigger return after investing little. If saturn is inauspicious, the exact opposite will happen.

Rahu and Ketu 

There’s no planet called rahu in the solar system. Hindu puranas (ancient texts) however mentioned rahu and ketu – two body parts of an asura (titan) – that play a role in one’s life.

If rahu is in a favorable position, a sudden stroke of luck or success in gambling can be expected. Unfavorable rahu can disturb the native. Similar to rahu, ketu can bring quick success or throw a wrench in opportunities.



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