7 Reasons why you should start eating Pumpkins


“Pumpkins”… It usually reminds us of Halloween and strange faces. But there’s a lot more to it, though I know 90% of the people reading this blog hates pumpkin. Well I was basically surprised when I found out that all my batch mates hated pumpkin. That’s what made me more eager to know and when I started searching, I was amazed to find out so many benefits of eating pumpkin and realized what I had missed all these years. Here, I’m giving you 7 reasons why you should stop avoiding pumpkins:    


  1. Better immunity system: A better immunity system means that you are much better and healthier. It also means less chances of getting common diseases and flu. And when your health is really at its best, you well know exactly what you need to do and how. So, grab a pumpkin and make an impact on your boss with a zero sick leave.
  1. Lower High blood pressure: Fluctuation in blood pressure is problem of almost every individual. We often sacrifice our eatables and other food stuffs to keep it balanced. Well, now no more avoiding the cravings. Pumpkins do have high fiber, potassium and vitamin C content which is known to keep blood pressure level balanced. Increasing Potassium intake and decreasing Sodium intake are two major ways to balance your BP. This Potassium intake can be enhanced by consuming pumpkins.
  1. Better eye-sight: Our daily lifestyle forces us to lead a techno-controlled life which is great but longer exposure to these gadgets damages our vision permanently. The National Institutes of Health has already proven that pumpkins when taken regularly can enable us to see even in dim lights and helps us to see better improving our sight. A cup of diced pumpkins contains twice the Vitamin A that should be taken on daily basis.
  1. Enhances fertility: According to Harvard Medical School‘s Harvard Health Publications, the Beta-carotene and iron present in Pumpkin is very essential for lactation during pregnancy and appears to promote fertility. Which means a happier and healthier married life.
  1. Fight Insomnia: Pumpkin seeds contain high concentration oftryptophan, an amino acid responsible forserotonin production. And, Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that helps you to relax and gives you a good feeling which means you will able to sleep better, longer and in a healthier way. Time to say goodbye to sleeping pills.
  1. Promotes Weight Loss: According to Caroline Kaufman, MS, RDN and an up wave diet and nutrition expert, Pumpkin is rich in fibers. Fibers are known to slow the process of digestion. Slower digestion means you feel fuller for longer period of time. When you feel fuller means you will be able to avoid that extra food which would probably increase your waistline. And if you are on your weight loss track, pumpkins will surely help you to get your target weight and maintain your BMI (Body Mass Index).
  1. Lower risk of Cancer: Beta Carotene is great, both for your eyes and skin. Beta-carotene gets converted (in our body through various mechanisms) to Vitamin A and C, which according to Caroline Kaufman are antioxidants. Research proves that people consuming Beta-carotene on regular basis were less likely to get some type of cancer. Vitamin A and C seem to have some defense mechanism against cancer causing radical cells.


Bottom-line it’s a revolutionary food, especially for people on heavier side and cost-effective too. But the best thing about it is the availability of it the entire year. So, take hold of a pumpkin and let your imagination work. Eat right and stay healthier.