7 Kitchen Cooking Tools for Easier and Enjoyable Cooking


Cooking in the kitchen can be healthy, fun and easy if you have the necessary tools. There are 7 cooking tools that every kitchen should have today for enjoyable food preparation experience. Below is a list of these vital tools and how you can use them.

1. Whisk: – This kitchen tool is necessary for whipping different types of soft ingredients or foods during preparation. It can be used for whipping creams, egg whites or sauces. The tools come in different sizes and shapes but you will definitely need one or two to ensure that your foods or ingredients are blend or whisked perfectly to your desired smoothness before cooking or serving.

2. Food processor: – There are different types of food processors but all serve the same purpose although in different capacities. They help in making food preparation faster and efficient and normally work well in chopping, grating, slicing, making dough as well as pastry for baking or making sauces among other things. Having a food processor in your kitchen will drastically reduce the overall time spent in food preparation by a significant margin while at the same time making the process easy and enjoyable.


3. Blender: – Blenders are suitable for mixing soups, juices and sauces. Unlike food processors, they work well in blending different ingredients especially when it comes to fruits when making natural juices without separating the pulp and the juice. You can use a blender to blend ice and liquids using different function features.

4. Salad spinner: – This kitchen tool is necessary as it helps in washing salad vegetables and then sieve the cleaning water leaving the salad leaves lean and dry. This process ensures that salad dressing and oil mixes perfectly well with the salad leaves which are normally straight and dry. The spinning tool uses centrifugal force thus making the process effective and effortless.

5. Mixers: – Mixers come in different shapes and sizes but they commonly help to mix or stir cake batter and bread dough into a perfect mixture. To avoid the laborious process, you can use mixers to mix dry and wet ingredients such as eggs, flour and milk thus making the process easier, faster and effective. Most modern mixers come with additional features such as dough-hook accessories suitable for kneading.

6. Toasters and Toaster ovens: – Toaster ovens are suitable for a number of jobs in the kitchen including toasting, warming foods, roasting and broiling, baking and melting cheese among other things. They make the work easier and faster and therefore they are a must-have for any home. On the other hand, toasters help to consistently crisp/toast bagels, breads and other related products.

7. Spice grater: – This kitchen tool helps in grating different types of spices such as ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg among others. This gives you a chance to enjoy fresh and tasty spices that have no additives thus making it easier for you to enjoy healthy and nutritional meals. You can use them without any problems especially if you pick the right material with stainless steel being the best option available.


With these cooking tools, it is guaranteed that you will have fun as well as have good and easy moments in your cooking as they also help make food preparation process faster and convenient. Cooking doesn’t need to be stressful, make it easier and enjoyable.


About the Author:

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