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7 Advantages of Drinking Tea Everyday


One of the best ways to start your day is to start it with a healthy cup and when I say healthy cup I mean a really healthy cup of tea. Well, if not anyone else my day certainly starts with a cup of tea and of course some yoga. I suppose there are very few people in this world who are anti to drinking tea. Well if you’re one of them or if you’re almost there; let me give you some good causes why you should include tea in your everyday diet for healthy body and mind.

  1. Tea is loaded with antioxidants: When I say antioxidants, I mean your life saver. Antioxidants not only slow down aging but it also relieves you from all that stress you encounter in your day to day life. Fight that aging with a perfect cup of tea.
  1. Tea is healthy for your bones: Yes, it surely does and it is not just the amount of milk that you add in your tea that does the good work. Tea itself is loaded is huge amount of photo-chemical that not only protects the bones but also gives strength to it. A study conducted among a group of tea-drinkers and non-tea drinkers suggested that people who had been incorporating tea in their day to day life for over 10 years had very healthy and strong bones as compared to non-drinkers and this comparison was done adjusting the age, body, weight, exercise and smoking habits.
  1. Lesser chances of Heart attack: Strokes and heart attacks are caused mainly due to blood clots formed from cholesterol and blood platelets. Drinking tea everyday can actually smoothen up your arteries and prevent it from clogging. People who drank 3-4 cups of black tea everyday had lesser to no risk of heart attacks and strokes.
  1. Immunity booster: If you are on the boat of people who hardly fall sick then you should probably thank your defenses i.e. your immune system. Drinking tea can actually help in boosting your immune system thereby making it stronger and ready for any kind of infection that is coming your way.
  1. Healthy smile: Although sweetened tea may be bad for your dental health, nonetheless non-sweetened tea can actually help to improve your dental health. This is because tea contains fluoride which actually whitens and brightens your teeth making it stronger internally as well as externally. No wonder, so many toothpaste is power packed with fluoride.
  1. Maintaining healthy weight: Tea doesn’t contain any calories unless you add milk or some sweetener to it; and if you are watching your weight and counting every calorie that you intake, consuming tea might actually be on of the best option for you. A healthy calorie-free drink, I might say.
  1. Metabolism Booster: Are you tired of cutting that extra calorie yet failed to cut off that inch off your waste? Well, you need to boost your metabolic rate. Research shows that consumption of Green tea everyday can actually boost your metabolism (especially in the morning). You don’t believe me? Well you can try for yourself and feel the difference.



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