6 Best Branded Alarm Clocks you should Use [Infographic]


Alarm clocks are the part of our daily life. They are used to wake up early in the morning. Without them, it is hard to wake up early. They are also used in various works. If you are planning to go at a function at right time, if you want to go to office on time, you need alarm clocks on these situations.

Some alarm clocks may irritate you at morning with their bad alarm sound so you should keep good branded alarm clocks at home, during travel or into the pocket.

Here is the list of 6 best branded alarm clocks:-

  • Acctim Alarm Clocks

Acctim is the famous brand for all types of wrist watches & clocks. They usually come in gold & white color.

  • Champion Alarm Clocks

Champion alarm clocks are portable so they are best to use while you are travelling.

  • Widdop Alarm Clocks

Widdop alarm clocks are available in analogue and digital pattern. Their alarm sound is also good.

  • Ravel Alarm Clocks

Ravel alarm clocks are best for both table and travel. So, you can use it at home or during travel. These clocks are stylish. They have beep alarm & snooze light features.

  • Seiko Alarm Clocks

Seiko alarm clocks have sweep hand, snooze and illuminator dial functions. These are available in both the patterns i.e. digital & analogue.

  • Citron Travel Alarm Clocks

At travel, Citron alarm clocks are mostly used clocks because they are durable and strong. Make your daily morning easy with these clocks.

6 Best Branded Alarm Clocks you should Use