6 Art Exhibitions of 2018 You Should Know about

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Art exhibitions are special events.

They give us an opportunity to discover creative art. Also remind us of the contributions made by the talented artists that were underrated during their lifetimes and long forgotten since their death. Every year hundreds of art exhibitions take place around the world but regrettably, they don’t get much coverage in the media.

Here’s a recount of 2018’s famous art exhibitions.

Modigliani exhibition in London 

Not many artists had the gall to paint nude women in the early 1900s as there was a stigma against nude paintings. Among the handful of artists who showed the courage was Amedeo Modigliani.

Not only his works were not appreciated, but he found himself at the receiving end of a moralistic and censorious stick. He hosted a solo exhibition in the year 1917, only for police to close it down accusing him of exhibiting obscene paintings.

The 2018 exhibition was held at Tate Modern gallery – a must-go place for London’s art lovers. A total of 100 paintings were displayed and 12 of them were nude. The exhibition ended on April 2. Besides Modigliani’s memorable paintings, another highlight of the exhibition was virtually augmented experience of the artist’s final studio.

For those who are studying art in high school now, Modigliani’s paintings can be a great inspiration to improve their skill.

Amedeo Modigliani

The Cartier Exhibition 

Held between March 30th and July 22nd at the National Gallery of Australia, Canberra, the Cartier Exhibition put on display unique jewellery works. The owners of these jewellery are some of the most glamorous women of the world.

Among the jewellery items unveiled at the exhibition were “Halo” tiara of Kate Middleton, the Tutti-Frutti Hindu necklace of Daisy Fellowes, the diamond and ruby necklace of famous actress Elizabeth Taylor, etc.

Alongside rare jewellery items, the exhibition featured equipment used by Cartier’s artisans for jewellery design. A total of 300 items were displayed before jewellery lovers, designers and merchants across the globe.


A Crack in Everything 

The renowned Canadian musician Leonard Cohen bid us final farewell in 2016. As a tribute to his legendary artistic career, Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art (MACM) opened an exhibition called A Crack in Everything on May 24. It will end on September 9.

The exhibition was planned long ago, when Cohen was alive. You can collect all the details like opening hours, membership card, admission, etc by visiting MACM’s official website. The main highlight of the exhibition is the archival footage of Cohen’s works. But alongside, works from other noteworthy artists are also on display.

Disney’s Art of Storytelling 

Disney is a household name. Many of us grew up with Disney movies; years have passed but Disney movies didn’t lose their appeal. To commemorate our bonding with Disney shows, La Caixa Foundation of Madrid has brought the much anticipated “The Art of Storytelling” exhibition that shows the world how the backend of Disney’s animation studio was like.

The exhibition opened on July 17 and will continue to be live till the second week of November. Its highlights are original black and white sketches of Walt Disney. Other than drawing, it features watercolor, storyboards, production notes and digital prints.

The whole point of the exhibition is to remind today’s audiences how classic stories were adapted back then to create hilarious cartoons and how Walt Disney’s maverick touch brought all the differences.

disney press print

The Eugène Delacroix exhibition  

Liberty Leading the People was perhaps the most acclaimed painting of the 18th century. It was a stunning work of art and immortalized Eugène Delacroix – its creator. The painting still gives people goosebumps. It was a unique blend of art and the revolutionary ethos of its time.

Delacroix’s works reflected romanticism. While painting Liberty Leading the People, he didn’t deviate from his original style but rather expanded it to envelop the nascent revolutionary elements of his era.

The Louvre museum in Paris has run an exhibition that presented 180 art works of Delacroix before the visitors. The highlights are The Massacre at Chios, Women Algiers and other celebrated paintings. The exhibition ended on July 23. The ticket cost was only €15; naturally, plenty of art critics and fans of Delacroix’s paintings gathered to attend the exhibition during its run.

Eugène Delacroix

Alex Prager’s photography exhibition 

Photography is often dismissed as non-art by patricians in the art circles. But photographers like Alex Prager are why they feel forced to change their opinion. Famous for making the viewers stop and stare, Prager has the god-given ability to turn a seemingly day-to-day setting into a colorful and eloquent scenic capture.

The Alex Prager: Retrospective at The Photographer’s Gallery exhibition is currently being held in London. Attendees will get a first-hand experience of Prager’s distinctive style of photography that boils down to a typically 60ish feel – festooned with intensely hued selection of colors and experimental, yet aesthetically pleasing lighting work.

The exhibition will end on October 14, 2018. Not much time left to attend it. Go explore the exhibition if you are a photography fan.

Alex Prager’s photography exhibition

Summing up 

We’ll be back, hopefully by the end of this year to inform you how the top art exhibitions of 2018 went. Stay tuned.



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