5 Tips for Healthy Marital Life


Marriage is typically denoted by three rings: engagement ring, wedding ring and then suffer-ring. Well, I say there’s more to it. It isn’t just how two hearts merge onto one another; it is how two families stay together for a lifetime, supporting one another. There was a time back then when the holy knot once tied was meant to be for a lifetime and here’s a time where knots are broken and tied innumerably. Of course, I don’t blame the generation. Every one of us has the right to stay happy, even if that means ending up a relation and starting a new one.

But, have we ever thought of straightening our curled pages? Do we ever try to mend our marriage life? We constantly go for for the easier path, we let go and start something fresh. And of course we have pride in it, but my dear readers, there’s no delight in it, you’re just too coward to face the situation. Well, I repeat again, I don’t mean to hurt somebody’s feelings at all. Readers, if you think your marriage needs some serious repair then please keep on reading.



  • Regulating your emotions: Happiest marriages are the one in which either husband or wife has the tendency to calm down and settle the conflicts. Research proves that most of the unhappy marriage results from the silly arguments that get extended and exaggerated irrationally. So, if you want the rest of your married days to be happy then its time, you learn to keep silence. And after all, no one has ever died by swallowing their own pride.
  • Active Sex life: More sex, less worries. Research has proven that people who are satisfied with their sex life were more satisfied with their married life as compared to neurotic couples. Unhappy and marred sex life leads to extra marital affairs which in turn ruins your happy married life. Stay on the safer side and turn it on.
  • Vocabulary Trick: We often end up saying me and I, instead of we or us. This happens specially when we argue, it’s always been my life, my work, my problem, my space and what not; this time why not try saying our life, our work, our problem, our space and many more. Things will sound a lot better regardless of times: Good or Bad.
  • Appreciate your spouse: Love is unconditional, it’s true; but marriage is in some way conditional. If you respect and show affection to your partner, you will also be respected in return. If you appreciate your other half then he/she will sure as hell appreciate you back. And if you ask, why this is essential, then let me tell you, the first thing you require for a successful relation is respect, if your spouse has no respect for you, you are landing nowhere with him/her. You need to seriously figure this out in your married life.
  • Recall the happy times: No matter where your relationship might have landed in the current scenario, there was and there have always been the traces of the happy times you have shared. No one take that beautiful reminiscence from you. Try to recall those memories, talk over it and make it happen again.

No one knows your relationship better than you, yourself. Now that you have read these tips, you know exactly where to pull the string and straighten your life’s pages. Try to work it out and stay happy. Remember happiness doesn’t lie in something big; it lies in those small beautiful moments that often go unnoticed. Grab it all and rediscover your long lost happiness.