Here’re 5 Simple yet Effective Tips to Enhance Your Creativity

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It is rightly said that learning the tricks of the trade is not enough, learning the trade is. When it comes to creativity, playing by the rules means holding back your true power. Play like there’s no rule and your latent energy will be unleashed.

Want proof? Look around you. People labeled as professionals are hard on themselves. During their student life, they study hard. After getting a job, they work for extra hours – often for those who are termed as genius. The late Steve Jobs was one. His creativity allowed him to think ahead of his time and revolutionize the consumer tech industry.

He was not alone. There were Larry Page and Sergey Brin – the inventors of Google, the Bitcoin developers, the music maestros Hans Zimmer and Vangelis, Surrealist Painters Salvador Dali and Max Ernst.

These people were all uber creative and their works still carry the signage of ingenuity. Do you know you can be one of them? All you need to know is how to magnify your existing creative flair. Here are some tips to help you out:

Leave your comfort zone

Step out of your comfort zone if you want to intensify your creativity. Your comfort zone is made up of habits, ideas and beliefs that make you feel safe. More often than not, such habits are nonproductive and beliefs are self-limiting.

By leaving the comfort zone, you free yourself from self-sabotaging habits. You face your fears and get a correct assessment of your weaknesses. As your ordinary self fails to handle the tremendous pressure of the situation, creative self awakens.

A philosopher once said men must always live on the edge of destruction, so that they feel compelled to discover their inner talent and abilities; might sound a bit exaggerated, but withdrawing from your comfort zone has a positive impact on your creativity.

Enhance your memory

There’s definitely a link between memory and creativity. People with poor memory tend to perform poorly on creative tasks. Creativity and intelligence are closely connected. Psychologists observed people with powerful memory are more intelligent than others.

Strangely enough, people suffering from autism and other spectrum disorders sometimes display extraordinary memory and creative prowess. It is not fully clear how the two are connected, but there’s a strong connection and enhancing memory does enhance creativity.

Be passionate

People who lack passion have a hard time being creative. Passion is a must for boosting creativity. Passion inspires us, it encourages us to achieve feats that dispassionate people don’t even dare to imagine.

Everyone is passionate about something. Some have deep passion for sports, some for science, some for art, some have innate talent in interior designing. Find what you are most passionate about. Then train yourself, be your own coach and become highly skilled in that area. Push yourself to the limit if you have to.

The following is what Marc Chagall once said

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works; if from the head, almost nothing.”

Passion opens your heart. Passion makes it easy for “things to work.” Creativity is not formulaic. It comes from within and so no two people can produce the same creative output. Compare multiple creative ideas and I am willing to bet you won’t find anything objectively common in them. That’s because everyone has different passion.

Passion is the ultimate key to unlock your creativity. Acknowledge it, use it carefully.

Meditation helps

The greatest journey is the one within.

Does the quote above sound too abstract? Yes? Then understand it on a pragmatic level. Meditation helps you focus inward. You recognize your own shortcomings and work out ways to overcome them. Put simply, meditation removes the mental blockages that impede the outflow of creativity.

Meditation calms your mind. It soothes your senses. As a result, your focusing ability increases. A restless mind is not conducive for creativity, it has zero control over the thoughts that occupy it. Creativity requires a lot of focus. A calm and composed mind is essential for creativity. So practice meditation. Everyday.

Accept failure

Most of us have a flawed outlook towards failure. We are afraid of failures. Some people take it so seriously that they get paranoid imagining the scenarios where they have failed. These scenarios are not real, only fragments of their imagination. But the fear that stems from these scenarios is very very real. This crippling fear prevents them from unsealing their creativity.

Accepting failure is the first step towards enhancing creativity. Take failures lightly. Don’t lose sleep over them. Remember creativity is like climbing up a staircase where the final step is producing the creative work, and the first step is making mistakes, failing. If you don’t fail, you can’t succeed. Accept failures and strive for success; this is the mindset that solicit creativity from your inner self.


The five tips shared here will make you more creative. However, you must be patient. Enhancing creativity takes time, sometimes years. Be patient and give yourself the time needed. I promise you’ll notice the changes in due time.




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