5 Reasons to Study Art in High School

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Art enwraps philosophy, culture, religion and even spirituality. True art has a special value of its own that only gifted artists can apprehend.

Art is celebrated and artists are held in high regard.

However, a familiar complain against art is that it doesn’t offer any leverage in the job market. The complaint has zero truth to it. If you aspire to be an artist, know that finding a lucrative job won’t be an issue for you in the future.

Don’t shy away from studying art if it genuinely interests you. Here are all the reasons to study art in high school:

Too many career choices 

Contrary to popular belief, studying art can actually get you lots of cool jobs. A gamut of career options will open up if you can establish yourself as a talented artist. The list of art careers includes illustrator, fine artist, graphic artist, animator, typesetting professional, sculptor, art historians, art curator, musician, web designer and more.

The list above isn’t exclusive, there are plenty other professions art graduates can aim for, such professions are offbeat in the classical sense, so I didn’t include all of them in the list. The reason such unorthodox professions are mushrooming is the rapid expansion of the Internet. The expansion is paving way for various indie professions and making the global market accessible to artists through a simple click of a button.

Art Gallery

You can teach art 

Some find teaching a boring profession. If you are not one of them and studied art in high school, consider making it your profession. Schools need art teachers, so do colleges and universities. Art teachers are also recruited by independent institutes.

Art teachers get a decent salary. Interacting with students – who are budding artists – keeps them updated. They are invited to join art exhibitions around the world. All in all, it’s a good profession. but to be a resourceful teacher, they must have excellent communication skill besides outstanding expertise in art.

Better academic performance 

There’s strong evidence that art, especially performing art is linked with academic excellence. People who excel in art do better in academic studies. Researchers at the University of California Los Angeles conducted a study that involved 12000 students. The study continued for over twelve years. They found participation in art is correlated with better academic performance.

A separate report from PBS observed young Americans who routinely participate in art classes or take part in art related activities are four times more likely to achieve academic success.

It’s hard to believe that there’s a connection between dancing and biology, isn’t it? But according to the researchers, learning art can have an overall positive impact on the learner, thereby letting them do better in other academic fields.

high school art student

Improved motor skill 

Those attending high school are not adults, they are not kids either. They belong in a grey zone; it’s a time in one’s life when motor functions can still improve if they regularly engage in certain activities – playing outdoor games and learning visual and performing art are such activities.

Signs of improved motor skill are critical thinking, efficient coordination between hand and eye, better synchronicity between left and right hemisphere of the brain and problem solving skills. Several independent studies came up with the same finding – learning art improves motor skills. It’s not surprising that people studying art in high school eventually develop a creative appetite and do well in life – especially in professional fields, regardless of the career they choose.

Art helps in self-discovery 

It might sound a bit abstruse and unfathomable for a high school student, but studying art and philosophy can give them an edge in their journey of self-discovery.

Today’s highschool students will one day become adults with enough life experiences. That day, they will be compelled to ask themselves the age-old question; what is the purpose of life?

There’s no definitive answer to this question. Each individual’s answer is different from another’s. The only thing objectively common is all these answers is they can only be found within.

How does art help in finding the answer?

Art persuades one to look inward. A celebrated painting of an artist who embarked on a similar journey or a thinkpiece from a novelist with a depth of soul can instigate someone to ponder deeply over life questions. If they are naive people, interpreting the cryptic messages stored within these artistic creations may be difficult, but not for someone who studied art in high school.

art student

Study art, but…

As stated in the beginning, if and only if you truly fancy it. If you lack interest in art, don’t study it. For an artist to produce a great piece of art, there must be a profound connection between them and the art they culture. Unless passion for art is brewing inside, such a connection cannot be established.



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