How Should I Pack My Shipments [Infographic]

You should pack your product effectively to avoid any damage while in transit. There are several ways of packing your goods. For maximum protection, we suggest 4 packaging steps:

  1. Cushion It

All the void spaces in the shipping container should be filled with appropriate material. Cushioning should be of appropriate thickness and density. You can take suggestions from packaging experts to make your packaging stronger.

  1. Box It

Selecting the right packaging boxes is necessary to keep your products safe. Boxes are available in variety of sizes and shapes, you should first make a list of the type of boxes you need and then you can easily buy packaging boxes from a trusted packaging supplies provider. This is one of the important steps so you should always choose the boxes wisely. You can also get old boxes from your friends and relatives.

  1. Seal It

Use the H taping method and seal the box perfectly using packaging tape from top and bottom. You can buy packaging tapes and tape guns online at discount prices. Great deals are also available online if you are looking to buy in bulk. After this step, one more step is left.

  1. Label It

When moving home you need to take care of several things. Sometime we forget in which box we have kept the necessary thing. Labeling will come handy at this stage. Label the boxes appropriately. You can also make a list of priority items and keep them in a separate box.

The infographic below, created by Globe Packaging, revolves around tips to pack your shipment correctly. You should follow these methods if you want to keep your products safe when shipping them from one place to another. Don’t forget to share the infographic with your friends.

How Should I Pack My Shipments

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