Make Proper use of your ATM and Keep it Safely

The debit cards and ATMs offer fast access to get your money when you need it. Most people depend on the convenience they provide, but it is necessary to use the card or ATM cautiously to keep your finances safe. To protect your identity and safeguard your personal safety, please use your ATM very carefully.

Follow these few tips to keep ATM securely

Maintain your ATM card properly when you will travel to any place. Report immediately to bank or customer service when your card is lost or stolen.

Protect your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Do not share your number to anyone; do not write your PIN on your card, avoid using such numbers which can be identified easily such as birth date, anniversary date etc.

ATM cards

Try to utilize ATMs with which you are acquainted. Select well-lit, place your ATM card where you feel very comfortable. If you want to visit an ATM counter late at night, ask your friend to escort you. Before approaching the ATM, search your surrounding area. Avoid the isolated ATM center if it is too dark to see and feel unsafe. If you see many people loitering in the area, go to another machine or visit later. Do not wear any expensive jewelry or valuable goods when you want to withdraw your money.

Maintain your ATM card properly

Prepare yourself as soon as you reach the machine. Hold your ATM card in your hand while you enter your ATM. Do not take out a wallet, bag or purse in front of an ATM or while you are in line. Immediately secure your money after the transaction. Later count your money not at the ATM center.

While you are at the ATM do not allow any person to distract you. Be careful if strangers approach you or talk to you – even if your card is stuck or you are facing issues with your ATM operation. If someone takes interest while you are doing transaction, leave that place and report the suspicious behavior to the police.

Do not leave your receipt in the ATM. ATM receipts can give much information to the stranger and which can become fraud. Beware of an ATM scam, where frauds attach electronic devices to the ATM that are designed to capture your PIN and card information. If an ATM card reader gets some unusual information compared to other ATMs, use another ATM.

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Also, once your ATM card is stolen or lost; immediately contact the Bank. They will help you with the appropriate steps to make sure your funds to be safe and help you in getting a new card.

Bottom Line

Credit Union is taking every necessary step to protect their members and co-operate with you when you are facing the problem. The ATM will be accessed by sliding your card and going inside the vestibule of the branch so that you are protected from the weather and other outside damages. These security steps will go a long process in preventing unauthorized access to your accounts. ATMs will fulfill your needs also at the time when you are in danger.


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