Shipping and Packing Tips for Business Gifts [Infographic]

Business gifts hold a special mention when it comes to gift giving for keeping your loyal customers happy. Today, people use various tactics to keep their customers happy. They give amazing offers, discounts and deals. To strengthen your bond with your existing customers, you can use business gifts. Right packing and shipping is very important when sending gifts from one place to another. No one likes to see a damaged gift after opening the parcel so you should always follow best practices. Selection of the packaging material plays a very crucial role here.

Often we use old boxes to pack the goods and gifts. While using them you should not forget to remove the old labels otherwise there are chances they it will be delivered to the wrong address. You should also choose the cushioning material wisely. To avoid any physical damage to goods in transit, you can use bubble wraps to provide extra safety to business gifts. Also you should use the high quality tapes to ensure the safety of the goods.

After packing the gift in a box, you should another box to store the packed box. This way you can pack all the gifts easily and there won’t be any physical damage while in transit. Another thing which you should always keep in mind is- address your business gifts properly. Make sure the gifts reach to your customer timely.

To save some space, you can also store the small boxes in a big box if the shipping destination is same. At, Globe Packaging, we are always ready to help our customers in making the right choice and selecting the right boxes for the purpose. This time, we have come up with this infographic to help you in packing and shipping your business gifts properly. Go through the same and don’t forget to hit the share buttons.

Shipping and Packing Tips for Business Gifts


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