Important Tips about Packaging

Often at times items get damaged during shipping. This can be a very embarrassing condition for the sender. So it is very important to pack your items properly so that they aren’t damaged in the course of shipping. You ought to remember couple of things when bundling your things for transportation. Here are some useful tips to help you make sure that your package arrives safely.

Choose the Right Sized Box

Choose the right size of box -mspackagingSelect a box which is bigger than the span of the thing you need to dispatch. An large size box helps you to pad the things with defensive packaging material all around.

Use Protective Packaging Materials

Bubble wrap - Mspackaging

Air bubble - Mspackagingpeanuts - Mspackaging

Pack the Items with protective packaging materials like packaging peanuts, bubble wrap or foam. Shake the box to check whether you have enough padding before shutting the box. If enough cushioning is there, you need to add more protective stuff.

Seal Your Box Properly

Brown Packaging tape - mspackaging

clearpackaging tape - mspackaging






Pack the box and seal it properly. You can use brown or clear packaging tape, paper tape or reinforced packing tape that must be 2 inches wide. You should avoid using cellophane tape, masking tape, string, cord or twine to seal the box. Tape the opening of the container and strengthen every one of the creases.

Here are a few tips you should follow If you want to ship Sporadically molded things that don’t easily fit in a box:

If you want to ship the metal items, you are required to tape a complete address mark to the thing being delivered. Flying tags are not advisable in this case. Spread distending edges with taped-on creased cardboard pieces.

So these were some useful tips that may help you while shipping your product.


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