Top 10 Album Songs of All Time


Well it is NOT true that only movie oriented songs having well established actors take millions of heart away, instead there are many album songs as well that are very cute and romantic that make us rewind our memories from our deepest thought!

Well this time we have taken that same genre in our mind and make Top 10 album songs of all the time that surely make you open your PC and download all these songs of old time and realize that time has NOT gone back but still it is stay in the form of beautiful lyrics and ravishing sound tracks!!!

So, let us NOT waste more time and come back to the listing part!!!

#10 Alisha Chinoy – Made In India

Alisha Chinoy – Made In India

Well this album was a hit and I am sure that there would be NO one who didn’t fall in love with this song.

#9 Falguni Pathak – Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye

Falguni pathak-meri chunar udd udd jaye

Being a girl of 90s, we can’t deny the fact that we all love her voice and there is NO beat she plays and song she sings that didn’t make us smile and make us remind our love ones. She is cute and always have fairy tale theme that make her song unique and highly loved by us.

#8 Silk Route – Doobah Doobah Rehta Hoon

Silk Route – Doobah Doobah Rehta Hoon

Mohit has taken lots of eye balls over him and surely called as ever green song of 90s. Well love you Mohit and surely always be!

#7 Euphoria – Dhoom

Euphoria- Dhoom

This is a first Delhi based rock song that was NOT only romantic but also has that oomph factor with it. All the youngsters love it and still live in millions of heart here. If it still beat in some buses or radio station, there might be NO one who didn’t listen and enjoy it!

#6 Junoon – Sayonee

Junoon – Sayonee

It was a Pakistan band that NOT only makes a session in Pakistan but also be in the top 10 sizzling list in MTV and channel V. People love it and still it has that impact on millions of ears (wink)

#5 Lucky Ali – O Sanam

Lucky Ali – O Sanam

This lucky Ali song was MUST in our list as it didn’t even deserved to be here BUT surely didn’t make any compromises with the listeners. The song was pretty, romantic and very intense.

#4 Shaan and Sagarika – Aisa Hota Hai

Shaan and Sagarika – Aisa Hota Hai

Well this brother sister duo was interesting and very lovely to watch at 90s and still have that vibe and charisma in millions of heart alive. Shaan was a fantastic singer and this toe tapping song was ravishing and can easily be called as ever green song.

#3 Suneeta Rao – Pari Hoon mein

Suneeta Rao – Pari Hoon mein

Well this song was seducing and very tempting! There are millions of brides that are still opting this song as there Mehandi performance. So this song is ever green and always be, i guess!!!

#2 Strings – Anjane

Strings – Anjane

This Pakistani rock band again took the place in ever green album songs that surely make you say that it truly deserve to be here. This song was peppy and very classy to keep it this way.

#1 Shaan – Tanha Dil

Shaan – Tanha Dil

If you are NOT yet satisfied with the listing, then taking out top most spot in the list by Shaan is this track. This song was hardly missed by anyone who was born in 90s. It is ever green and most loved by us.

Well I hope you love the listing!!!


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