Reading is Imperative

Have ever released that why in our school days we always have one library class in a day?? For giving you a free period to sit relax and have a chit chat session with your partner in whispering tone??? Nah!!!! It is because our teachers know that how important is the reading habits for us. It is not that you must read bulk or boring books daily, it can be anything- this blog, or a newspaper or some comic book. It is all up to you what you choose to read. But you MUST read.

Let us have a look on the benefits that tell you that how reading is imperative.

  1. It is a dynamic psychological practice. When you watch television or hear some song on music player, you brain is NOT active. By reading you use more of your brain making it more active and smart.


  1. It helps you to build the skill. It is a fact that every course, whether you are doing literature, medical, engineering or even arts, every session need books with it. It helps you to get things better to understand. It is far better than class room sessions.
  1. Help in improving vocabulary. The more you read, more you get to know new words. And if you want to be a writer, then this reading habit surely a cherry on cake.
  1. It is interesting. Imagine that you are planning to get married in recent days then reading books or articles in the regard in of this topic, you will be very exciting to read also.


  1. It gives better concentration. What happen is- when you read something, your brain focus on the content and its gives you more concentration.
  1. Help you to build self esteem. Imagine yourselves sitting with the group of people having a discussion on some topic. And you are just listening to them. It makes you look dumb and less aware. If you read something daily, you will get confident to talk with people as you know what actually happening in the world around you.
  1. Sharpen the memory. It is a fact that reading improves your memory power. The art student or the medical student always remembers the facts and figures as they read regularly.


  1. They are handy. You don’t need to carry your laptop or wires along with you. You can just use a newspaper, magazine or any novel. Reading is interesting and very portable too.
  1. It makes you creative. When you read one article daily, you will to know something unique and special that the writer wants to convey to you. You learn something for sure.
  1. Decrease the boredom. It is a fact that if you ever feel bore and don’t want to stress yourself after watching a television, you can simply open an articles and start reading it. It surely makes you smile and it is worth too.


Always keep in your mind that reading will never make you Geeks. It will improve you. Take style along with you. Read and share as much you can. And forgot to add that “ Books are the best friends FOREVER”.


About the Author:

Cheshta Arora is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.



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