Top 10 Things that Guy Hate about their Girl


Being in love is always beautiful and loved in the same way is magical. Hello everyone to our new editorial that is going to help in your relationship. Being a women and spending long 5 years in serious relationship help me get out few clues about men mind. So here I come up with Top 10 things that guys HATE about their girl.

These pointers are very basic and really help many of my girl readers that are facing confusing in judging there partners for their fight and loosing love interest. These top 10 list surely be helpful and make you delighted and your relationship perfect with your little cooperation in understanding your partner needs.

So let us have a look at these pointers.

#10 Being so cute

being so cute

Yes!!! You heard me RIGHT. Being cute is okay for a start. You can eat chocolates, ask for teddy bear as birthday gifts or just hang out in adventure islands as dates. BUT, for a long run you are making your partner bored with you. Better be mature.

#9 Make Up

make up

Excess of anything is bad. If you talk about makeup, guys hate to roam around with “Paintings”. Be natural. Simple Kajal and pink lip balm can impress your guy.

#8 CRY


Trust me on this point, guy hate to see tears and this hate is not for concern. If you keep that pretty smile on your face, it will make your guy more impressed rather than tears. It will make him BORE.

#7 Fats


Sorry for adding this point. But I have to be direct to all you girls that are reading my article that guy love slim girls. They love to hold you, cuddle you and try each clothing on you. Better to join a gym and be fit. It is for your own good.

#6 Untidy hairs

Untidy hairs

Boys are very untidy we all agree, but if I say that they love clean things, you have to agree me. If you have messy hairs, dirty nails, unwaxed arms and awful eye brows, they will run from you. It is good for you too. Be nice, be beautiful.

#5 Talkative


I personally talk too much, but I have to add this point. Guy hates girls who talk all the time and don’t have any logic in their talk. Try to talk less and talk sensibly.

#4 EX factor

ex factor

Lolz!!! If you have a past life, that is okay. Everyone has it. But if you keep your past in your head all the time that make your man hate you.

#3 Stalking


Some girls call it love, but guys call it as stalking. Give your man a spare time, let him breathe.

#2 Marry Me

marry me

Being married is beautiful but if you keep your man mad with this term all the time, you are directly telling him to RUN from you far away. If you love him, trust him that he will marry you. If he loves you, he will ask you!!!

#1 So much PINK

so much pink

We all love pink, I can understand. But if you are with your guy and want to have a lovely romantic time try to be something different from other immature girls in the town. Try different colors, shades, designs and fabrics. Be creative and surprise him each time you meet him!

I hope these tips will do magic on your relationship. You don’t trust me? Try that out and share your experience with us.


About the Author:

Cheshta Arora is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.