How to Make a Candle Wick

Candle wick is the biggest problem while making hand made candles at home. So this time we have come up with a easy solution of that. If yes, then you are at right page readers!!! I am that kind that loves to try out different DIYs at my spare time but always avoid the candle making stuff as candle wicks are always missing from my head.

So today we have come up with DIYs project cum solution to your problem.

Yes!!! Today we have come up with the tutorial on how to make candle wick at home.

Make a Candle Wick

Candle wicks are best to make as they are very difficult to buy from market. We always make efforts to get best of the candle wicks that are durable and long lasting. Having perfect quality array of wicks, it is very important to have smooth and sleek finished.

Having a perfect quality array of cotton wicks is only important and you can easily get them if you can create them. Creating a perfect quality array of cotton wicks is very easy and cost effective. This procedure is very simple and you can easily use them for creating wicks in less than a minute time.

Make a Candle Wick

So, stop searching low quality cotton wicks on online portal and make your own wicks easily.

I hope you all try this tutorial and share your picture with us.

All you need is:

  1. Scissors
  1. Candle wax
  1. Cotton

candle wick


  1. Take a cotton string that you usually used in temples or worshiping purpose.
  1. Cut it as per your required length.
  1. Take a saucepan.
  1. Put some water into it.
  1. Make sure the water level must be low.
  1. Now put some candle wax on the glass container that is heat resistant or oven free.
  1. You can too use a double boiler for it.
  1. Now heat the wax for few second and turn off the gas.
  1. Now put the cotton strings inside the wax and let it soak for few seconds.
  1. Now with the help of some pluckier, take out the cotton strings out of the saucepan and let it cools for few minutes.
  1. Once the cotton strings is cooled off, you can place it inside the containers for candle making.

Make a Candle Wick

They are very simple and not very time consuming as well. If you too wonder that why you have to try DIYs candle making project because of this wicks then, this is really a time to get up and try out best wicks in easiest manner. If you like the procedure then share with your friends and makes them happy and impress in just a less manner.


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