Top 10 Places that Every Girl Wanted to be Kissed

Well, if you are in a relationship and you fancy kissing your girl then don’t be bashful and tentative! Yes! Girls love to be very intimate and fervent lovers that can hold her tight and tell her how much you loves her! So, in this editorial, we have listed top 10 places where every girl wanted to be kissed by her partner! So, waste NO time and tell her how much she means for you!

Read! Kiss! Love!

  1. If you are meeting your girl day after day and jammy enough to squander twilight walk at some private grounds or park then you are fortunate one boy! Yes! Girls are very amorous and always wanted to be kissed in between the woods near sunsets. Just imagine you with your lady love with trees on both sides. Just hold hands and kiss! It is a ideal time to express your love! Be sure nobody is watching you(wink)

Hands kissing couple

  1. Second is no doubt very straightforward and fanatical. There is NO better place than a beach. Every girl wants to wrap in the arms of her partner near the beach and have that passionate kiss. Sunset at the background is the cherry on the top!
  1. In your car! Yes! You can arrange a long drive with your girl or simply stop your car at the parking or just at the red light (wink). A small nice kiss there can make wonders in your relationship!
  1. Most universal place to express your love to your girl is movie hall (wink). Well I don’t want to make you mischievous but a nice sweet kiss is not a bad idea. It is all cosy and dark. And having an intimate kiss is perfect with movie!

Couple kissing sketch

  1. During a selfie! Yes guys, girls love to flaunts how much there boy loves them! It sound weird but surely it is a good option to make a mark on her face! Just imagine your girl taking a selfie with you and you gave a nice sweet kiss on her cheek that surely makes that selfie all way better!
  1. During the tea! It is the 6th in the list and i personally love this! Imagine yourselves with your partner in the balcony with a cup of tea. While sipping a cup of tea, you kiss can makes your girl all more pretty and loving! That will make a aww moment.
  1. If you are walking in the lonely road with your girl, then you can grab her tight and give her a nice kiss. This surely makes her smile!

Couple hands heart

  1. In the water! If you are in the pool party then never miss a chance to kiss your girl! The kiss in the water is sexy and passionate. This is every girl fantasy!
  1. At a night party! This is a wildest thing that you can do with your girl! If you are at dance floor and your girl is busy in dancing, then this is a best time to say that in between the dancing you can be loved too!
  1. Last but the least- The morning kiss! Start your girl day with nice morning kiss at bed. Kiss by her man in a morning is a dream comes true for every girl!

Although there is No particular place to kiss! It is a gesture that says all that can simple “love you” can’t say! So, love! And be loved!


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