How to Balance Ambitious Career Goals with Your Love Life


Career is something that is very important for each one of us. We spend long 14 years in schooling and 3 years in college and 2-3 more years in a professional course for just best of career for us. Have you ever realize giving 19-20 years of your life for just building up your resume can make you stand in between the two worlds of life- the world of profession and the world of adore!

We all know that having a life without a relationship or a good job is freaking awful.

Here in this editorial, I am all here to tell all my readers that how you can manage these two worlds in best perfect manner without leaving any of them deserted and heartbreaking.

  1. Set Boundaries

It is very important to keep the boundaries set in between the career and love life. Communication is the magical tools here. Make your partners your best friends and communicate well on how important your career is for you both. Make a rule in your relationship that how often you will be available for each other, you can make plans on Sundays or simply you can try to communicate that at only lunch time you can talk with each other.

Balance Work and Life

  1. Communication

Communication is very important in every relationship. When you are into your career, make sure that communication is all more important than before. You have to understand first that how your relationship and career is important to your life and leaving any one of them make your life hell bad. Sometimes life asks you to priorities something and forces you to give more time on something. You have to bear with this fact that you can do that task only if you have a good communication with your partner. Now, you have to communicate with both of the two worlds in your life- world of career and world of love.

Tell your career how you can be best in your work and prosper in best possible heights to meet your life goals and secondly you too have to communicate with your love on how much him / her matters to you and how life will be miserable without them.

You can’t be cruel with any one of them to get best of other one.

Balance Work and Life

  1. Separation

The top most rule of keeping your career and love perfect is keep them separate. You have to understand one simple thing that you life always revolve around two things- career and your personal life. And best thing to keep them perfect is to keep them separate.

Always keep in mind that:

  • When you are in your office, always work as an employee there. Always keep in your mind that office is NOT a college and your colleagues are NOT your friends. Be sincere to your work, love your job and make sure you meet your deadlines on time. One rule you have to keep in your mind that “Never shares your personal life in office”. If you think talking about your girlfriends, or your dates and your marriage plans will boost your career that is a biggest setback. Keep your love life personal and be professionals at work.
  • When you are at home or meeting your girlfriend, make those professionals talk and look far behind your reach. Make sure that you are meeting your partner as their love ones not the colleagues. When you meet them or call them, make sure that you are with them completely.

Balance Career and Love Life

These magical three rules work perfectly if you are suffering in between the wars of career and love.

Love! Work! Communicate!

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About the Author:

Cheshta Arora is a Freelance Writer who uses to share her experiences by writing online blogs and articles.