Search Engine – A Priceless Gift of Networking

Life without Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. would have been very tiresome for collecting the information we require in our everyday life. These search engines have redefined our world. We can hardly imagine our existence without them. Apart from its contribution to networking it has also greatly enhanced the economic standards of various people all around the globe. Acknowledging the fact that these search engines have done a lot and contributed more to us and the society, some in good and other in a bad way, sometimes we just become curious about the operation or working of such search engines. Something like this occurred into my mind and I thought others too may be inquisitive to know about it. Therefore I will present some of the basic processes involved in the operation of search engines.

  • Search engine is system software which was built so that it can search almost all the information entrusted on the internet by just relating to some keywords or names often typed by users in the search engine box.

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  • There are especially two main types of search engines: i) Crawler based search engines, ii) Human Powered Directories & iii) A mixed type known as the Hybrid search engine also does exist.
  • Crawler based search engines :- These type of search engines are those like Google and whenever a search item is typed in the search box, they spread like spiders which crawl all over the web to find the most suitable lists of data related to the search item. They present the user with a list of data which reveals everything about the item typed in the search box. This type of search engines are very much sensitive to the words or structure of the sentences typed in the search box therefore a slight change can cause presentation of different list of data.
  • Operation of Crawler based search engines: There are three parts involved in the operation of such search engines. The one which crawls and links the entire web to gather the required information searched for is known as the spider. The bulk information found out by the spider is stored in a huge book which is known as the index. Once it is stored there, the spider often visits it in months or in regular periods and automatically updates the web pages. The main part is the search engine software which goes through all the web pages and selects the best among them which fits the information criteria of the required search item. It also ranks them according to the information provided and lists them.

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  • It is true that the results from all the search engines vary and we all have encountered it. This is because though they have the same procedure, differences occur because of the different tuning of their parts often known as algorithm.
  • Human Powered Directories: – These directories often known as Open Directories are run by humans for listing or providing the data. The data do not change by changing the topic on the search box. The user does not find more than the amount of data fed into these sites. Those sites which have good content are more popular than the other ones.
  • In this era some search engines like MSN Search use both crawler type as well as hybrid types of search engines for fulfilling the necessities of the users.

There is more to the understanding of such operation but the above mentioned are the basics involved in the working of search engines. I guess just typing is not enough we should at least have an idea about their mechanisms. ‘How’ and ‘Why’ are two very important to stimulate the curiosity in us and when we investigate them the answers are AWESOME.


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